Unusual holiday retreats: trips you won’t forget

From yoga retreats and volunteer holidays to weight loss vacations and everything in between, holidays can be a lot more than a few quiet weeks in the countryside or few days on the beach.

Be inspired and try some new holiday options in 2015 – you’ll have plenty to write about on those postcards home!

Walking trips

Stretch your legs and look forward to taking in a lot of fabulous scenery on a walking trip. Particularly good for making friends, you’ll normally set out in a group with a guide. This ensures that you have the chance to see all the best sights without having to worry about planning accommodations or meal times for yourself. Keep an eye out for the level of difficulty, some trips will expect you to be a strong walker while others are designed more for gentle strollers.

Weight loss holidays

Holidays tend to be the time when most of us put on weight but if you book a slimming trip, you’re sure to come back looking better than ever. Pick a retreat with companies like Wellbeing Escapes or The Healthy Holiday Company and expect fresh, wholesome meals, daily fitness sessions and lots of motivation for losing weight in a fun and healthy way.

Yoga retreats

If you’ve ever dreamed about getting in touch with your spiritual side then a yoga retreat might be right up your alley. Often hosted in gorgeous, sunny locations, these are holidays that focuses strongly on health and wellbeing. You can choose from everything from beginner level retreats to expert sessions for those who have lots of experience.

Volunteer holidays

Know that during your holiday time, you’re actually able to give something back with a volunteer holiday. You could be helping to converse the UK’s wonderful heritage with a working holiday through the National Trust or learning more about other cultures and offering your skills where you can with volunteer holidays from

Cookery trips

You’re a dab hand in the kitchen, but how would you feel about expanding your range? Book a cookery holiday and learn how to master a new cuisine. Choose a destination that’s home to exotic flavours and look forward to experimenting with fresh produce and culinary masterpieces that you’ll love showing off when you get home again.

Film tourism

Big fan of the movies? Plan your next holiday by taking inspiration from some of your favourite films – whether that means visiting Lord of the Rings locations in New Zealand or heading to Scotland to see the scenery showcased in Pixar’s Brave. Check out a great list of unusual places to visit based on film locations on the Film Tourism site.

What’s the most unusual holiday you’ve ever been on?

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