Set up your own (mini) home art studio

Do you wish you had a space of your own to paint, draw and make things?

Let your creative juices flow with the help of our great advice for setting up your very own, affordable art studio at home.

Making space for creativity

The first thing you need to do is choose a quiet corner of your home to transform. Ideal spots include attics, spare rooms and garage spaces but if you don’t have any of these available don’t worry, you don’t need a dedicated room to enjoy the benefits of an art studio. Simply earmark an area, whether it’s a corner of the bedroom or a space in the livingroom, and kit it out with everything you need to feel creative.

If you have the room, a mobile partition might be perfect for creating a separation between living space and creative space. You’ll also need to consider what kind of materials you’ll be using. If you’re painting, it’s also a good idea to lay a ground sheet below your desk or easel, to catch paint spills and protect your flooring. Likewise, if you’re using paints or solvents, you’ll want to set up your studio somewhere with a window and good ventilation.

Excellent art studio essentials

Other essentials to consider include natural light (unless you’re working digitally) and a ready supply to running water. If you set up your art space in the room furthest from the kitchen and bathroom, you might find yourself making one too many perilous trips to wash brushes or clean equipment.

No matter what medium you work in, some good storage solutions are sure to be your best friend. You can buy plenty of art supply boxes in specialist shops but anything from a tackle box to a good set of Tupperware can be perfect for the task. Give your art space a boost by pinning pictures you admire on the wall and surrounding yourself with great books, sculptures and postcards. There’s nothing like looking at the kind of artists you admire for firing up your creative spirit.

When it comes to setting up your own art space, there’s no limit on your creativity – make the studio you’ve always wanted and start creating art today.

What would you put in your art studio?

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