5 exciting salads to try

Salads can be fantastic meals in their own right, and are great to eat in the sunshine. Just say no to limp lettuce and dull dressing, and yes to rainbow coloured vegetables and tangy toppings.

Here’s a round-up of 5 of the most healthy and delicious salads recipes from Silversurfers.

Pink Lady Apple and Fennel Salad

Fennel Salad

This simple, healthy salad is a perfect accompaniment to crusty ciabatta and flavoursome slices of cured meat.

Pink Lady apples are partnered with crisp fennel and parsley to make a crunchy base, while a tasty dressing made from pine nuts, shallots and parmesan cheese rounds off the flavours.

Get the recipe for a healthy Apple and Fennel salad with pine nuts, parmesan and shallot dressing.

Watercress Rainbow Salad


Vegetarians and meat eaters alike will love the flavour combinations in this watercress rainbow salad. It’s easy to make but filled with nutritious fresh vegetables, healthy lentils, and healthy fats.

The rainbow combination of lentils, pomegranates, feta, avocado, carrot, beetroot and watercress mean that every forkful has something colourful and delicious at the end of it. The Watercress Rainbow Salad is great on its own for a super healthy lunch, or served as a vivid side dish.

Hot Lemon Roast Pork Salad with Juniperberry infused Beetroot


For a salad with a difference and an alternative to a traditional roast, try making a hot lemon roast pork salad for lunch or dinner. Pork is glazed with a garlic and paprika sauce, infused with lemon, thyme and smoky bacon, and then slowly roasted for a delicious taste. Butternut squash is added to the roasting pan to soak up the amazing flavours.

Combine the smoky pork and squash with a crunchy juniperberry, beetroot, apple and mayonnaise dressing, serve with crunchy salad leaves, and you have an amazing main meal.

Although it takes a few hours for the ingredients to come together, there’s not much in the way of cooking and preparation needed, so you can use the time to curl up with a book or enjoy the sunshine. Get the full Hot Lemon Roast Pork Salad with Juniperberry infused Beetroot recipe now to create this filling salad.

Seafood salad with strawberries

Seafood Salad with Strawberries

For a low calorie salad that’s easy to make and super healthy, try a vibrant seafood salad served with flatbread or ciabatta.

Prawns are mixed with rainbow-coloured fruit and veg like strawberries, pomegranate, cucumber, lettuce and watermelon, and then topped with a peppy chilli, mint and lime dressing.

The seafood salad with strawberries is easily adaptable and makes a wonderful, light starter or side dish, as well as a healthy lunch.

Chicken and Walnut Salad with Quinoa and Pink Peppercorn Dressing


This colourful salad is light and tasty, but packed with nutritional ingredients. There’s quinoa, which is high in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals; chicken, another excellent protein source; walnuts, which are high in body-protecting antioxidants; vitamin C rich watercress; and infection fighting pink peppercorns.

Once you’ve cooked the quinoa and chicken, you simply toss it together with watercress, sliced Pink Lady Apple, chopped strawberries, and walnuts and add the easy dressing. The Chicken and Walnut Salad with Quinoa and Pink Peppercorn Dressing recipe makes a filling, nutritious salad that makes a great meal, especially if you’re going to the gym or for a walk in the sunshine.

Do you have a go-to salad recipe?

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