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16th Mar 2019 03:43:41
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I recently discovered through DNA a relative who was a close match with the same surname as me PALMER now imagine my surprise when Philip Palmer answered with this. Our ancestors are from Norfolk and we are cousins. In the 1890's there was an exodus North to Newcastle Upon Tyne to work in the Shipyards. Many worked as Laborers.


Good Farming Stock they say.

I have all the names the births, the marriages, the one who sadly passed away.
Do my husband and I qualify to retire in Norfolk, my kin hail from Stokesby, Gaylord & Reepham.

I have lived in -42 C in Canada, I know how to wrap pipes, so they don't burst and run the water, so the pipes don't burst, how to get winter tires, and how to drive on ice.
Snow feet are great to attach to your boots and skate on the self made ice rink you make in your garden. ANY PALMERS OR GRIMMERS ON HERE Oh, yes and my husband is Canadian (British Descent) he likes to help people.
Mavis Palmer born in Dilston Northumberland, raised in Newcastle Upon Tyne.
8th Jun 2018 09:52:28
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Both myself & my husband are also looking to relocate to the Norfolk area at the moment we are both 54 no children and physically fit , we live outside the UK at the moment and own and manage holiday accommodation , so we have decided on a 2-3 year plan. my husband in the past has visited the broads in the spring/summer ( boating holidays ) with his father , i have not visited the area but it is an area that appeals to me , we are originally from London living in a city location before moving to the home counties then outside the UK
Of course moving back to London now is not an option ( financially wise ) so we are at the moment looking through various Norfolk villages ( within easy commute of Norwich ) as do not want to be too remote or maybe a decent area of Norwich & looking for carature property ( victorian 2 bedroom ) or in a village or a cottage and as we do not need to be near schools or family amenities but on the other hand don't want to be in a retirement village but will need some local amenities like a doctors , pub ,local store ,bus route or small rail station
i would appreciate some pointers to good villages or roads ( areas) of Norwich to start with , we have planed a weeks visit in November ( out of season ) just to see how things are and have the use of a car to look around so would like to start make a list of possible areas
7th Mar 2018 20:48:33
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HI, I am new on this site, but we are looking to move somewhere between Winterton on sea and Corton, reasoning being although myself and partner of thirty years are both retired we are also bringing my mother of 97 with us as she would like to spend the rest of her time (she is a very fit lady for her age) near the sea. Can anyone recommend the best place for us to move to along the coast line from Winterton to Corton,also what the rental market is like.
Any information would be gratefully received.
Thank You in Advance
Response from Lionel made on 7th Mar 2018 23:27:44
Sandy, may I very respectfully suggest you read the posts below. They might give you a realistic slant on moving to Norfolk.

Best wishes.
2nd Mar 2017 19:19:43
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Having been born and raised in Norfolk I left in 1965 to commence a career and never returned to live. However, my family still lives within the North Norfolk Coast area. It is a beautiful place for walking, cycling etc. and my sister and brother-in-law have a very active life despite being in their 70's.

I think the cost of living is reasonable and certainly property is. I think it can be difficult to compare things like health care etc. as they can vary so much depending on where you live and where you decide to move to. I wouldn't hesitate to move back if I was able but my husband wants to remain in the part of the country he was born and raised in and I have lived for over 40 years!

Good luck where ever you decide to live.
Response from Annie2 made on 3rd Mar 2017 08:58:07
Thank you, jeanmark, for your reply. Norfolk is such a beautiful place, with so much to do. I think we'll be spoilt for choice as to where to live.
Response from ChrisJBSC made on 10th Mar 2017 10:08:08
We are also thinking the same thing: Retiring to Norfolk in a year or two. In my case it will actually be "returning to Norfolk", as I went to school in Norwich for 10 years. We were carefully looking at the size of the village to retire to. We felt Norwich was "too big", while some of the small villages (Barton Turf) might be "too small". Horning, Brundall, Blofield, Coltishall were (in our current thinking) all coming out to be "just right" of big enough to have a mixture of things to do and support, without being too big and impersonal.
Yes: We are looking in the Broads area. Yes, that is where the tourists are in the summer. But that is also where the Sailing Clubs are, so a known community to move into.
2nd Mar 2017 21:54:21
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It's been said in my hearing, don't move to a place you've visited as a tourist. Living there will be another matter altogether. And, having moved around the UK, mainly for work, there's a truth in that.

I'm a Norfolk man, originally from a West Norfolk village but now live across the border in Suffolk. Being a tourist is one thing - you come, you spend money and you go - but living here is a different matter. Like many rural areas in England, in-comers are resented and there's an awful lot of real Norfolk folk around to resent you. You might find yourself very islolated.

I've lived in this Suffolk village fifteen years. I'm an East Anglian, as are the locals. It's been a cold time with few even speaking to me and being shunned at village hops. Only last year did village locals begin to speak to me and treat me as human. That also may be said of every part of the UK in which I've lived and worked.

Lochinvar mentioned Winter 2009/10. Yes, it was cold and iced up, but nowhere near as bad as I've known in Norfolk. When weather gets bad - cold, iced up, cut off, four days without electricity, frozen pipes and no plumber willing to help, to name but a few possibilities - then you really need a favour of maybe a push with the car or a lift to the shops because you weren't prepared then don't think it will happen. It almost certainly won't.

In Spring, Summer and Autumn the tourist you once were will drive you mad!

The isolated hamlet of a very few homes I now live in is not on the tourist trail. Yet in fifteen years six retired couples have moved here and each, within their first year, has sold up and left.

All this may sound harsh yet it is the voice of experience. The idyll you experience as a tourist is not the year round reality. In the long run, and considering the costs of moving, it might be better for you to give some serious thought to improving your circumstances where you are.
Response from Annie2 made on 3rd Mar 2017 08:54:59
Lionel, thank you so much for this detailed reply. You have certainly given us food for thought! I understand that some people in rural areas are slow to distrust incomers. We experienced a little of this when we came to live in a North Yorkshire village 12 years ago. Being naturally friendly, chatty people, we had to make a real effort to convince the locals that we were actually okay!
That being said, I take on board all your comments, including the ones about social and geographical isolation. Perhaps we would be better to stick to the more urban areas like Norwich or Kings Lynn? Thanks again for all your comments - much appreciated!
Response from Lionel made on 3rd Mar 2017 14:17:36
Annie, my thanks for your reply.

Kings Lynn is now very much a multi-cultural town, mainly Lithuanians and PolesIt's far from the place I knew many years ago. For a better idea of Lynn there is a website - Even a quick read through will give you a good idea about the town, but not the multi-curtual side. The editor and moderator is EWW who posts most often. He is extremely helpful and there is a section for those moving to or about to move to Lynn.

Norwich? Well, I'm biased against but that shouldn't affect you. The fact is it's like any other city, fast, furious and 24/7. Evenings and weekends the City's drug culture is on display with the accompanying violence and club culture for the young. Having said that there are some pleasant suburban areas all around it.

I too lived in North Yorkshire for 18 years farming. The Norfolk and Suffolk natives are equally bloody minded and will club together to make life difficult. However, neibourliness, as it was understood many years ago, get's you noticed and make a friend of one and the rest will soon come around.

I truly hope your new dwelling place is pleasant and a happy one for you both. My purpose in writing wasn't to pour cold water on your excellent ideas, but rather a word to the wise from one who's lived well outside the cities for 55 years now but only belatedly returned to East Anglia.
Response from Annie2 made on 3rd Mar 2017 17:01:43
Hi Lionel! Thank you again for taking the time to give us so much information. It looks like Norwich could be a place to avoid, but we'll definitely look at the King's Lynn website and forums. We have visited King's Lynn a few times, and quite liked it. At least there are reasonable facilities and a hospital there. I would also mean that we're less remote from other family members, who are spread across the Midlands. Once again, some very useful food for thought ..... Thanks!
Response from Lionel made on 3rd Mar 2017 17:15:27
You're most welcome Annie.
Response from jeanmark made on 3rd Mar 2017 18:26:45
I can vouch for King's Lynn Annie. That is where I was born and brought up and my sister still lives there. There is a multi-cultural community but that doesn't that apply to most places? I think it is where in the town you decide to settle that may help as in any town or city.
Response from Lionel made on 3rd Mar 2017 19:16:06
Response from Annie2 made on 4th Mar 2017 11:51:10
Thank you, jeanmark! We're happy to live in a multicultural place, so Kings Lynn would be fine. We're just a bit wary of the flood zones in the area, so we'll probably look at the villages close by. We wondered about Dersingham, North Wootton, or a bit further afield like Great Massingham or Castle Acre.
I'm so grateful to everyone who has commented, it's really been helpful - thank you!
Response from jeanmark made on 4th Mar 2017 14:46:30
Dersingham and villages between King's Lynn and Hunstanton are nice places to live and are near the Sandringham Estate! I have a cousin who has lived in Dersingham for over 50 years and remains very happy there.

The flood areas in King's Lynn tend to be in the older part of the town as the town made very good defences after the 1952 floods. Gaywood, South Wootton, Gayton etc. are all areas away from the flood zone and have some nice residential areas and good services.
Response from Annie2 made on 4th Mar 2017 17:34:06
Thanks, jeanmark! That's very reassuring news about the floods. We'll definitely look at the places you've mentioned.
We had a holiday in Dersingham last year and though it was lovely. There seems to be quite a lot to do in the vicinity, plus you have all the amenities of Kings Lynn. As long as we have access to a B&Q we'll be fine! 🙂
2nd Mar 2017 17:24:31
Thanks for voting!
Response from Annie2 made on 3rd Mar 2017 09:03:59
Thank you, Lochinvar. You make a good point about the weather. We have tended to visit Norfolk in the Spring and Autumn, so we have not experienced a severe winter there yet. That being said, we do get some pretty grim winter weather here in North Yorkshire, so we're used to dealing with snow, strong winds and flooding. We just "batten down the hatches" and put the kettle on!

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