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Travel Companion

I would like to meet people for travelling companions. I am female but either sex would suit if they are 65 plus and lively with a good sense of humour.

Created By on 09/12/2016

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28th Sep 2021 22:18:15 (Last activity: 29th Sep 2021 07:46:57)
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Hi All !
I'm a traveler looking for traveler buddies. I live in the U.S. I want to travel to Europe-anywhere in Europe. My parents are European and have been a few times. I can meet others who want to travel around the continent but live in Europe as well. I'm independent and curious about other cultures. Very easy-going and really enjoy meeting other like-minded travelers. I'm over 50 so someone in my age group would be great.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 29th Sep 2021 07:46:57
Hi frannyb55,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

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18th Aug 2017 12:57:13 (Last activity: 30th May 2021 15:02:39)
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Hi, I live in Buckley, Flintshire North Wales, looking for a travel companion since losing my husband 16 months ago. Well travelled , prefer a shortish flight now but who knows I am youngish 68 yr old easy going need to get away, not got confidence to do it alone yet, friend are either short of money or have poorly husbands. I would like a hotel, not into self catering now.
Sorry I cannot understand how to put on a photo, even though I am comp. literate.
Please phone Pat 01244 297182 (Tricia993)
Response from ecarg made on 19th Aug 2020 08:02:31
HI Tricia
Would you like to correspond a little to see if we would be suitable travelling companions?
I am also 68 but prefer to stick to tth UK for holidays.
Prehaps we could meet up somewhere in Wales or Scotland to start with.
Response from Cymraes60 made on 20th Nov 2020 16:37:36 > @ecarg
HI, did you get a reply from Trish993, if not I would be interested. I live in Shropshire.
Response from Tricia993 made on 21st Nov 2020 18:38:22
Hi I am getting confused with these messages, obviosly nothing will happen now, but possibly next year. Please give me a call and hopefully we will get to know each other enough to know if we will fell.
Looking forward to your call. Take care stay safe. Tricia (Pat )
Response from Tricia993 made on 21st Nov 2020 21:06:47 > @ecarg
Hi, sorry for the verylate reply, all sorts of things happened. I am wondering if you are male or female, Please give me a call then we can maybe sort something out how to meet, then hopefully holiday next year. Take Care. Tricia (Pat).
Response from Tricia993 made on 21st Nov 2020 21:12:29 > @Cymraes60
Hi, you live quite close, unfortunately I don't drive now due to a neck problem, please give me a call and we can see how we feel after the first step, it would good if we gell. I am not sure if your male or female, I am hoping female. Stay safe.
Tricia 993 (Pat).
Response from Tricia993 made on 23rd May 2021 14:57:30 > @ecarg
Hi, are you like me still looking for a FEMALE holiday companion in the UK I have now age by 4 yrs making me 72 yrs. if so please co tact me, 07807439158 or 01244 297182.
Response from Tricia993 made on 23rd May 2021 15:07:48 > @Cymraes60
Hi are you still looking for a fe ale holiday companion in UK. if so please co fact me 07807439158 or 01244 297182. Pat ( FEMALE) Tricia 993.
Response from Tricia993 made on 29th May 2021 17:54:43 > @ecarg
Hi, I am still wanting female holiday companion, will even go self catering now, but still prefer hotel, just phone me let’s get something sorted. Looking forward to hearing from you.
Pat (Tricia993)
Response from Mia379 made on 29th May 2021 19:38:40
Тhis is an interesting idea. I see that it is still relevant.
I am also alone (woman, 57) and I need people to share trips, vacations, shopping, concerts and even walks in the park.
It would be good to make a group in which to have lunch together or discuss the new travel.
I live in the Southeast London.
I will be happy to share my free time with friends
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 29th May 2021 20:27:49 > @Mia379
Hi Mia379,

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Response from Tricia993 made on 30th May 2021 09:03:47
Hi Mia, thank you for your message, I don’t drive now due to a neck problem, so the distance is a problem. but if you are ever up here in the North Wales are please call me .
Good luck. Pat (Tricia 993) .
Response from Tricia993 made on 30th May 2021 14:48:00 > @ecarg
Hi , short and brief, have you found someone to holiday with, if not please phone me.Pat (Tricia993:)
Response from Mia379 made on 30th May 2021 15:02:39 > @Sally - Silversurfer's Editor
Thank you very much, Sally.
5th Mar 2017 16:42:42 (Last activity: 21st Oct 2020 23:54:54)
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i am semi retired i now only work 3 days week my job is a Maintenance site manager,which keeps me very fit as i work indoors and out .
i lost my wife Angie a few years ago ,i have two grown up children Ben Katie and now they have they own lives-- boyfriends and girlfriends-- so now they don't want to go on Holiday with dad anymore also i like to go walking in the countryside and this is far to boring for my kids .i do love going for walks, and go on Holiday but i do fine it lonely sometimes ,and i have been used to company.
and when i am on walks i see some Beautiful sights but nobody to share the experience with. it would be such a joy to have some good company who shares the same things as i .i am 58 year,s old and very fit for my age ,must have been the kids keeping me fit and the dog walking also my job is very active 3 day a week job ,only a few weeks ago i moved by shovel and hand barrow 3 ton of gravel in the rain and cold,,must admit my legs did ache a bit the next day ,but lots of walking in the country side keeps you fit and active . so if anybody male or female would like to get in touch and make friends and get to know each other first , and maybe we could meet up some time in the future for some good walks and some friendly chat . that would be good !!! life is too short to be siting around and letting life pass you by we are not getting any younger and need to enjoy simple things in life . lets get out and see the world ,because i don't to spend my time been lonely at home . if any one is interested please feel free to make contact ,lets chat and make friends and and hopefully they will be some good company and friendship and share some lovey walking days out .!!!!!!
Response from Davidatcygnet made on 18th Aug 2017 10:48:10
I'm in a similar situation but can only walk a couple of miles or so without resting due to health problems. I'm looking for someone to share a cabin on cruises without enough single cabins. I'm fed up with paying an 80% premium for single occupancy of a double cabin. I'm currently thinking of the Caribbean in October 17 with P&O or Royal Caribbean. I live in Oxfordshire but am willing to travel a reasonable distance to meet up beforehand. If there are group members in Oxfordshire wanting to form a group to source travel companions, theatre companions or whatever please get in touch
Response from DanijaA made on 21st Oct 2020 23:54:54
dunno what you're talking 'bout - I'm getting younger by the day 😉
19th Jun 2020 21:07:19 (Last activity: 21st Oct 2020 23:52:09)
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Looking for holiday companion too.
Response from christine1066 made on 18th Aug 2020 09:31:30
Hi Alex. Sorry been so long to reply. You can see me on Facebook . Tina or Christine Le Beau. I'm not traveling at all this year. But nice to keep in touch
Response from alex5005uk made on 26th Aug 2020 12:47:13 > @christine1066
Hi Christine. I think it is the case that most people wont travel this year. But I was thinking of summer of 2021.
Response from christine1066 made on 26th Aug 2020 21:35:56 > @alex5005uk
Yes. No going abroad this year. Never mind let's hope the outlook looks brighter by New Year. Chris
Response from DanijaA made on 21st Oct 2020 23:52:09 > @alex5005uk
Any year and any time of the year - feel free to contact me

Kind regards,


Adelaide, Australia
21st Oct 2020 23:49:13
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Thats lovely 🙂

Have a great time

Bon voyage

Adelaide, Australia
23rd Sep 2020 13:45:23
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Hello and thank you all. Reference to my previous post enquiring about any interest in a coach holiday
to Estartit in June 2021. Subject to this trip going ahead, I am fortunate to have now found a suitable travel partner for this trip.
19th Jun 2020 21:03:36
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Hi. Looking for holiday companions too.
31st Jan 2019 12:35:58 (Last activity: 31st Jan 2019 15:23:43)
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Hi....I live in North London....60 year old Doc Marten wearing female...Hip at heart. Friends and family not free for spontaneous walks, cinema and travel...bargain sunshine breaks..short haul...avoiding single supplements.
Anyone nearby interested in meeting for a cuppa to chat?...Male or female.
I like walking, reading, drinking....and I smoke the odd roll up

Bye for now
Response from Wilf made on 31st Jan 2019 15:23:43
Welcome to Silversurfers MereCat-lovely place to chat and you will have many interesting conversations and some funny ones especially on the Speakers Corners articles on here. Smoking the odd roll up now that takes me back 40 years a pint of Guinness!
18th Aug 2017 16:13:45
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Hello Freebee

I hope things have picked up for you now ... I am new and like everyone else would like a friend to travel with or do things with but I do not have any money for abroad journey's.

Seriously though ... hope some of you on here have made some progress now ... Su
5th Aug 2017 16:25:14
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Hi all, even though I've joined quite a few different sites in order to find holiday companion it seems to be of no avail 🙁

Am seeking to hire a villa (must boast private pool) end of September for a week/10 days. Travelling from Birmingham. Been looking at Paphos or happy to book anywhere to escape from this Godforsaken Blighty weather! Even perhaps Costa Del Sol. Am flexible where to go as long as it's hot!

Any takers?
23rd Jan 2017 13:21:34 (Last activity: 5th Aug 2017 16:20:33)
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I am interested in meeting other female companions for holidays abroad if this is what you had in mind. I am hoping to go away either May/June or September - when it is little more peaceful and most of the kids are back in school. Hope to hear from you soon.
Response from Incognito made on 5th Aug 2017 16:20:33
Hi Mal. would you be interested in renting villa with private pool for a week end of September?
2nd Mar 2017 04:33:42
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I'm nearly 65 and have tried to arrange holiday companions on silver surfers previously .The people interested come from all over the UK which makes it difficult to get anything arranged.Plus people are looking for different types of holidays.However if we could get some regional groups going that would be a start. I live in South West Scotland.
19th Jan 2017 19:31:50
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Hi jojokoko, I'm two out of three but 60 this year. Would I do? Love to hear your story so hope to hear from you soon
9th Dec 2016 19:26:03 (Last activity: 5th Jan 2017 22:01:10)
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what part of the uk are you in?
Response from skyatnight made on 5th Jan 2017 22:01:10
Hi Malroy

Not heard from you lately. I live in Lancashire between Southport and Preston not too far from The Lake District and Yorkshire.

Love to hear from you.


31st Dec 2016 18:36:47
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Hi everybody, there are plenty of us out there looking for travel companions, I live in Essex and have been widowed recently, so looking for friends in similar position.
28th Dec 2016 22:34:43 (Last activity: 28th Dec 2016 22:36:33)
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Hello Jojokoko

I am in your age group and just joined silver surfers. I am a female and interested in England and Abroad.

I love the sea, sand, mountains etc. I dont mind coach trip, air holiday, or even would try a cruise.

Hope you get some reply's.

I live in Lancashire between Southport and Preston.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Bye for now.

Response from skyatnight made on 28th Dec 2016 22:36:33

Thanks for replying so quickly, I live in Lancashire which is the North West of England


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