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I am 67 and retired to Torquay in 2010. Still a Yorkshire Lass at heart. Finding Lockdown so boring now but glad to be safe and well. Not able to do any of my voluntary work at Rowcroft Hospice and missing friends at Aquafit. Family far away.

Created By on 21/08/2020

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21st Aug 2020 22:07:39 (Last activity: 3rd Sep 2020 00:40:47)
Thanks for voting!
Sorry to hear you are not able to do your voluntary work because of the situation. Is there any telephone work you can do instead?
Yes its good you are safe and well and you can be thankful for that. There are so many things we cannot still do, such as your aquafit class.
It's nice place to retire to, Torquay, I've been on holiday there in years gone by, and to the surrounding areas.
I can see the attraction. Shame it means family are far away. If they were nearer would you get together?
Response from susikins61 Original Poster made on 22nd Aug 2020 10:10:02
I think this Lockdown is now getting to most people. I had a busy active life locally and it seems to have fallen apart for now. I miss all my new friends i have made since retiring here. Most are not computer literate. My son lives in London so not seen him since christmas but we chat on the phone every sunday. My daughter is a Doctor in Bristol so has been hecticly busy but thankfully safe so far. I have been gratefull for my garden but getting lonely now. Unfortinately i have a health issue which limits my life so have to make the most of what i have locally.
Response from Dinabob4 made on 22nd Aug 2020 16:11:21 > @susikins61
Good to hear back from you, yes I think you are right, this situation is getting to most people in different ways. The concern is for those that are not computer literate as you say. I hope you can see them perhaps outside while the weather is nice.
It is good that you speak to your son every Sunday and you have a nice garden. I am glad for mine too. I've just been out for a walk with some family members.
Are you able to get out for little walks, it does do you good if you can. I hope you can find ways to do things you enjoy with your health issue.
I am starting to think I have to take a few more safe risks as it doesn't do anyone any good staying home too much. We can keep a distance outside. Even in the Autumn/winter we can wrap up I suppose.
Take care
Response from susikins61 Original Poster made on 23rd Aug 2020 13:36:18 > @Dinabob4
Just going out into my garden for first time in 2 weeks. We were desperate for rain here in the bay as we had none since March. Amazing how quickly the weeds have grown in a week. My neighbours are all able to go away and have done so this past 2 weeks so not even seen a light on in the bottom of my cul-de-sac for over a week. it feels a little vulnerable i must admit being surrounded by empty homes. I do have lovely neighbours but because they are retired they go away a lot which is lovely for them. Sadly i have not been able to go away for 20 years. I had major surgery back in 1999 which has left me incontinennt and fearful of going anywhere. My hubby goes on holidays on his own or with Ramblers. He is chairman of our local group but i am not able to go anymore. I have had accidents on trains and buses which i found so humiliating and people were nasty to me at the time it has totally put me off going anywhere. Although i am married, life is very lonely at times. Hopefully all my activities will restart at some point. It has been a long 5 months. I am dreading a long winter too but we do have to be grateful for the things that we do have. I try to think that there are other people worse off than myself. I do miss days out though and going on coach trips with friends.
Response from Dinabob4 made on 23rd Aug 2020 22:39:38 > @susikins61
Hi there,
Yes the rain we have had has done the garden some good especially my grass. The weeds are a pain, yes. I was looking out for products for the grass that are friendly to birds and the environment but I have not found any yet, I decided on. I may just leave the grass this year. I do just cut it and try to keep it tidy.
So your neighbours are going away a lot even this year. Good for them as you say. I thought people were staying more at home with the virus but everyone is different.
I am glad to hear you have your husband and you are not alone. Sorry to hear you have not been away for so long and about the health difficulties you have. I have helped someone before who did have the difficulty you describe. There are things you can wear, especially which should help you feel more confident and are very protective. Aldi do some which are very good value. People can be so cruel and that is not fair, it shouldn't stop you going away. I hope your activities resume soon.
Do you enjoy reading ?
Can you manage to do gardening as well.
Response from susikins61 Original Poster made on 25th Aug 2020 17:27:42 > @Dinabob4
In myself i am really active. I do 3 shifts per week at the Hospice as a volunteer. I belong to the bladder and bowel clinic and they supply me with all the necessary pants etc though i have found wearing nappies since i was 50 most embarrassing. I had a job and a life but having toilet accidents i find too humiliating, so does my hubby which is why we have separate lives sadly. Sometimes my accidents can be quite bad, i once made a mess on a train because the toilets were not in use and i had to travel in a mess for 80 miles to visit my mum and then when i arrived at the train station even the toilets on the station were out of order. I stank so bad by then i walked the 8 miles to my mums house carrying s suitcase as i was too humiliated to get on her local bus or get in a taxi. These incidences have put me off totally from going anywhere i am afraid. Coach trips can a nightmare as frequently the toilet on board is out of order i have found. Or if i have an accident people have shouted at me and called me stinky filthy bitch. Once a bus driver asked me to get off the coach at the half way stop. Life has been so difficult, i used to be a nurse but had to give it up.
Response from Dinabob4 made on 26th Aug 2020 19:16:55 > @susikins61
Hi Susi kins,
I am sorry to hear what you have gone through. It seems long journeys are a problem on public transport where no access to amenities. It is unbelievable how unkind people can be. You need some short journeys where you know where facilities will be and maybe plan some trips that way if you can.
Covid has been a bit of problem for availability of that, but I believe facilities are open in places you just have to make sure you carry hand gel etc, maybe plastic throwaway gloves. and handwipes.
Keep your chin up. I hope your voluntary work and swimming open up soon. We cannot live forever like this can we.
Response from susikins61 Original Poster made on 26th Aug 2020 21:13:36
Thankyou for your kind thoughts, you are right we cannot live in fear all the time. Sadly we have a new covid cluster here in Devon announced today, 3 in our village which is worrying and the first death for a month. Seems to be people who have holidayed recently. I appreciate people are wanting to get back to some sort of normality. My daughter is a Doctor is Bristol, she was on honeymoon when lockdown happened here. She was so fortunate that her wedding went ahead on 29th February and her honeymoon in Thailand and Cambodia. She has hardly had much time off since returning. I have worried about her constantly. Her new hubby is utterly lovely, we like him a lot but he has had cancer aged 19 and again at 25 so this has been a worrying time for both of them. He can work from home but of course my daughter is exposed to everything. thankfully all has been good.
Response from susikins61 Original Poster made on 2nd Sep 2020 12:48:17
How are you, hope you have had a good week. i have workmen here this week so keeping busy supplying them with tea.
Response from Dinabob4 made on 3rd Sep 2020 00:40:47 > @susikins61
Hi Susi Kins,
I was notified of your message.
I am OK thanks. I feel a bit busier this week as well, just like you.
So you have workmen in your area, that can cause a bit of upheaval! I hope it is for a good reason!
I work from home some days of the week and trying to keep in contact with various people, friends and family. I get out for walks and have done some gardening.
I see you worry about your children, I think that is natural whatever age they are and of course at this current time. I expect your daughter wears good PPE as a Doctor. Many people are trying to be positive about the future that I speak to, and we have to take tentative steps.
I suppose the risk is low but we still worry.
Hope the rest of your week goes well!

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