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19th Dec 2015 13:03:22
Thanks for voting!
I voted against joining the European Community in 1973 and I have been proved right in my choice, I will vote to leave the EU in the Referendum. Why are we paying hundreds of thousands of pounds for MEP's to swan around Brussels doing I don't know what because we don't seem to benefit from their existence. What was wrong with EFTA - European Free Trade Association, we did all right then and had a good standard of living and a manageable population that had jobs, paid their taxes which allowed the Governments of the day to provide an excellent NHS, benefits for those who needed them, social care in the community, affordable energy and a unpolluted environment. No wonder our younger generation are dissatisfied the world they live in today is an absolute hell-hole.
Likewise, I am not a racist, I believe in helping others less well off than myself when I can, but we can't keep allowing these immigrants to come to the UK when it's the working population who have been taxed on their earnings to provide the welfare state we so proudly set up but are having to give away to migrants who haven't contributed anything! We already contribute large sums of money to third world countries which always seems to end up in the pockets of everybody except those who need it. We've given our border controls up, our laws, our freedom to decide what's best for our country and in return we've had rules and regulations thrust upon us that are not of our making but we are not allowed to change.
Let's get out. We've become despondent as a nation because we've been downtrodden by Brussels for too long, come on 'Brits' vote "OUT" and lets get our pride and borders back, let's return our country into the great nation it once was.
Response from Recycledteenager36 made on 4th Jun 2016 07:12:17
Sorry about this doiid not find you until now lots of Forums to plow through.
I agree we should leave Europe they systematically have been tryng to ruin us. It was supposed to be trade not a dictatorship and now that they want the Turkish people to join i definetely want out and no i am not racist but I have worked with Turkish men and I think if they could have they would have well lets leave that to your imagination. Part of the trouble the riots and trouble in Europe is not being shown on the news because Cameron wants every body to believe things are great over there every body us friendly. Well I doubt the police caught in an ambush having their car set on fire while they wer inside would think that we need to get the information out there, how I am not sure becauswe every one is going to be sceptical unless it is backed by the BBC and that is not going to happen becuase of Murdoch putting a block on all decent news. The only think we can do is spread the word and hope they don't fiddle with the results because I can see a public backlash in this country that could start a
civil war
26th May 2016 15:03:05
Thanks for voting!
After both wars, there was a great feeling that nobody wanted to have another one , that is why there was consensus to build institutions and partnerships , so it would never happen again .Where has that feeling gone? now with over 70 years of relative peace within Europe we are now wanting to open wounds of difference between us all rather than talking and arriving at a mutual consensus that we can build on.
Yes we have made mistakes and the institutions have become all to powerful without full accountability to its peoples, but this is partially down to our own fault in not voting when asked and failing to have our own consensus in the politics of the UK.
All extremism, whether in the UK the US or Europe has to be listened to and acted upon so as to accommodated the differences of opinion, even within families we have differences , so its a sure thing that any country or nation will suffer from the same problems , but I am sure everyone wants peace and a stable environment to grow up in , the problem that is excusable , is the difference in wealth and justice between the rich and poor , educated and uneducated, that is when resentments are fostered and friction occurs.
We need a Europe that recognises the differences as well as our common goals and have a mutual respect for them, its not a religious divide it is about humanity and respect and sharing and agreeing that everyone upon the planet has an equal place upon it ans no-one has a greater share than another, it is in this area that real changes have to occur , and its probably more about how we share with respect the worlds Natural resources and ecosystems.
Can we do this from an island without ties?
Response from Wilf made on 26th May 2016 15:33:35
I agree with all you say. The great thing about the EU is it binds us all together. The last thing we need is another major war and this could precipitae the breakup of the EU leading to conflict. Stay in and fix the issues I say
29th Mar 2016 08:41:47
Thanks for voting!
Totally agree with you, very good points
18th Dec 2015 17:51:57
Thanks for voting!
Response from 38Trish made on 2nd Mar 2016 13:36:50
I completely agree with you Scandiman and if the truth be known the EU won't exist in ten years time! It's going downhill now and if we leave, ( I hope) that will send it escalating! Our parents and Grandparents fought to make us free and they would turn in their graves if they could see the poor state of our beloved country now!
19th Dec 2015 08:25:16
Thanks for voting!
Response from fliss59 made on 27th Feb 2016 13:06:58
Apologies this response is a couple of months late. Have only just read it. It is an important issue and on this it appears I disagree with probably all the comments. I will be voting to stay in the EU. We live in an increasingly globalised world and it doesn't make sense to be seen to be isolationist. We are all European after all.
I think the EU brings stability in terms of peace, partnership working to tackle crime and terrorism through shared intelligence and the European arrest warrant.
It also protects workers rights, which is important with this govts determination to destroy unions. As part of the EU we are able to access tariff free trade for half of our exports. Cheap travel wherever we want.
I would also welcome voting for 16 and 17 year olds as it's their future and in the long term will affect them more than any of us. Sovereignty I think is a load of bunkum. Most laws are made here. All of the countries are sovereign and anyway leaving wouldn't make us any less in hoc to global corporations which are the real fly in the ointment to our prosperity.
I think we leaving would make this country poorer in financial and stability terms and reduce our influence globally
27th Feb 2016 00:02:50
Thanks for voting!
Excellent article 'gibbo' can't fault it, i'm out. GIVE US OUR COUNTRY BACK !!!!
14th Aug 2015 14:50:37
Thanks for voting!
Well said Gibbo! It is high time that all the citizens of the UK realise how much the EU costs us, not just in our sovereignty nut in hard cash as well. Do you realise that if we stay in the EU for another 5 years under this Tory government it will cost our economy over £1 trillion? In addition, every householder will have to pay at least an extra £2,500 on the cost of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), at least another £625 on EU green levies due to EU carbon reduction taxes on your power bills and at least another other £1,000 on direct contributions to the EU out of the VAT you pay on all your purchases. In fact, if the EU eliminates the low and zero rated levels on VAT it will cost you an extra £9,000! When will that happen? Nobody Knows as we have NO CONTROL over the EU's decisions with only an 8% say in any EU vote. Why anybody, particularly silver surfers, would want to stay in the EU baffles me as the CAP costs apply to everyone who buys groceries, even if they are on a pension or benefits. The ONLY way forward is to vote to get OUT of the EU if we ever have a referendum!

These comments should be highlighted by the Silver Surfers web site!
Response from Jerry71 made on 31st Jan 2016 04:06:26
In fact, if the EU eliminates the low and zero rated levels on VAT it will cost you an extra £9,000! When will that happen? Nobody Knows as we have NO CONTROL over the EU's decisions with only an 8% say in any EU vote.

Ref my comment above. I read yesterday that the EU is considering removing the zero rated VAT on childrens clothes and food. Can Cameron do anything about it? NO
30th Jan 2016 00:36:03
Thanks for voting!
I was fooled in 1975 but won't be again. I love Europe, indeed I lived in Germany for some years. I despise and loathe what the EU has become and will vote out even if it causes some short term problems. Most of the people I know say the same and not all old people either. I doubt we are showing up in the polls as we are the quiet ones who just get on with it.

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