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Purchase error

I was seduced by Apple's aesthetic quality and their product placement. Big mistake. Compatible with hardly anything and the built-in facilities are just not good enough. I really don't see the point of these.  Does anyone else share my view?

Created By on 11/01/2016

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7th Nov 2016 13:50:29
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You'll have to be more specific, orchardlane. I've used both systems for decades and much prefer Macs. The compatibility issue is an old one when some software developers and Windows itself did not make the adaptations to other operating systems, but that is a long time ago. Which built-in facilities are you referring to? Calendar? Photos? Are these the apps you don't see the point of? Please elaborate.
2nd Sep 2016 14:05:47
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Just bought a Mac (and have iPad and iPhone which I love). Mac is taking some getting used to, even though I'm not a technophobe. Have a few issues with photos on different devices, and just now the Mac has lost connection to btinternet mail, but that may be bt.....will have to study "Mac for Dummies" which seems an appropriate title in my case just now! Do like the whole set up though, despite operator errors, have got used to the day to day stuff on the Mac.
9th May 2016 11:32:14 (Last activity: 15th Jul 2016 10:29:01)
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I ditched windows years ago and all my devices are Apple. My iMac is brilliant and once I got my head around the system, have not looked back at all. Have had it for 5 years and still works for me. I am a convert.
Response from Bigscotsman1953 made on 15th Jul 2016 10:29:01
I agree with all comments regarding apple products but I can't upload a photo on my iPad I click on the pic but nothing happens,any suggestions would be appreciated.
15th Jul 2016 09:45:24
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To be honest, no! I've a Mac user for almost 15 years and apart from the expense (they are not cheap) have found them really worth having (we have almost 20 devices in the family). I have no trouble with using any of the Microsoft packages on my macbookpro, ipad or iphone - a subscription with MS means that they are fully available.
12th Jul 2016 14:19:54
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I love my iMac! Easier to use than a oc, better software, fantastic for photos.... Ok so I can't go in through the back & tweak it like I used to the PC but I haven't had to. Plus I like the way everything syncs together, desktop, iPad, phones.
11th Jul 2016 03:46:36
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Hi Orchardlane,
I suppose it depends on what computer you started with i.e. PC or Apple Mac. I started with PC many moons ago but on my travels to the USA I found myself opting for the quality Apple Mac had
to offer. Maybe fifteen years later I am still with my Mac while husband and daughter are with their PC's. I do like quality and use my Apple pieces a lot.
I won't pretend to know everything about Apple Mac but I rate them highly.

27th Jun 2016 09:42:21
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I love my iMac. I use windows PCs all day at work and have previously had a lot of different PCs. Since starting using iPhones and iPads I have really been sold on the ease of use of apple products. The best feature that I have found since buying it is portability. I live on my own and my last PC had to be set up on a desk in the spare bedroom so found that I didn't use it that often as it felt quite isolating. I live in a flat with an open plan kitchen living room and I now have my mac set up on my dining room table most of the time so I have have the TV on and keep eye on the dinner etc., when I have visitors and need the table I can just move it in seconds. I know that they are a bit pricier than PCs but macs seem to last considerably longer so in the end probably work out cheaper.
27th Jun 2016 07:52:35
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I would never go back to windows pc now I've using macs for about 15 years and they are just so much better in every way!, so stick with it, learn how to use it, you won't regret it.
21st Mar 2016 06:08:34 (Last activity: 27th May 2016 07:13:29)
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Not sure which product you purchased but I have recently changed from having a windows laptop for many years to a Mac and am very pleased. It is certainly a very different fish, but in my view better in many aspects. Online help is available from Apple and tuition if you are stuck. If you can also get to an Apple partner store they also offer free help. There are are also many Apple enthusiast clubs around the country who are very keen to assist and show their knowledge and these are free to simply go along or join. I did not know anything about OSX and discovered I can find out how to do almost anything on the web. One can buy specific software e.g. Windows for Mac, but unfortunately it is an extra expense, as one would expect of a competitors software. I would not go back to windows now, but it has taken time to get to this point and can only suggest that you persevere as in the end once mastered (I have not reached that stage yet either!)
you too may find it better, but it is an entirely different way of working and if you can block out in your mind your previous windows knowledge, it is often more logical. I have only just seen your posting and I hope by now you are having some success with it all. As you can see I am converted!
Response from Frank made on 1st Apr 2016 12:46:13
In short just sit down and learn the new to you experience. Macs do there own thing just as pc and android have their own way of working. Each and every computer are brilliant in their own way with what you can achieve in this modern world.
Response from happyhacker made on 27th May 2016 07:13:29
Got fed up with windows taking minutes to start up and constant upgrades. My Mac Pro starts up in less than 15 secs. No idea why people buy Windows Office as Libre Office is free and as good (even opens WO files). Apples recent problems with the screen peeling is easy to fix - take it along to a service centre (ring them up first) and get it changed. There is a good forum for advice on any subject. Not bought a single piece of software yet as there is one free for all the work I do. Persevere and you will get the hang of it soon.

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