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Scottish Independence

I am fed up with the very mention of this subject. Nicola S________ is a total pest I can't spell nucance. She does not give a toss about government only her one track subject. My wife is English and worries sometimes about our hard-line element, o' to get back to a normal politic life as before.

Created By on 17/03/2017

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30th Dec 2018 18:11:05 (Last activity: 21st Aug 2020 12:35:19)
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At the beginning of time God was discussing the creation of the World with the Angel Gabriel . Leaning back in His golden throne , He told him of his plans for Scotland .
“Gabriel , I am going to give Scotland towering mountains and magnificent glens resplendent with purple heather . Red deer will roam the countryside , Golden Eagles will circle in the skies, salmon will leap in the crystal clear rivers and lochs , and the surrounding seas will teem with fish . Agriculture will flourish and there will be a glorious coming together of water with barley which will be known as whisky .Coal, oil and gas – all will be there . The Scots will be intelligent , industrious , innovative and – “
Wait a minute interrupted Gabriel – are you not being just a wee bit too generous to these Scots ?”
The Almighty replied “ Not really – I haven’t told you yet who their neighbours are going to be!“
Response from Duvat made on 17th Aug 2020 10:10:42
you quote in flowering terms of Scotland’s natural wealth, well I’m from the west of Scotland and I’m just a poor working class guy who is less than aware of what you speak. Even sturgeon admits that we have a minus 10% GDP. and Scotland’s income is 75% services ( in other words the nationalists who spout their supposed hatred of England are happy to hold out their begging bowl for yet more money.). By the way Scotland would be sunk without trace if it wasn’t bolstered by the money it receives from England.
Response from ecarg made on 18th Aug 2020 08:57:21
Also from the west of Scotland and fully agree with this statement .Scotland can not afford independence.
Response from ColinM1 made on 19th Aug 2020 07:13:31 > @Duvat
Both you and your west of Scotland colleague are somewhat deluded into believing we could not support independence . 151 countries have done so since the Second World War . Scotland is not being subsidised if you care to read into the following :

The Scottish subsidy myth — Digital Spy

No you are stating the often quoted half story which is tax spending per head which Scotland does get higher per head . You are missing the other component which is often left off deliberately the revenues generated per head. Its net spending per head, taking in tax and revenue which is the relevant figure
Response from ColinM1 made on 19th Aug 2020 07:49:57 > @ecarg
Pleased to note you too are from the West of Scotland as I am . You will see in my posting to Duvat that it is a fallacy that we could not afford independence . . Were you aware that some 151 countries have gained independence since the end of World War 2 . Nuff said !
Response from ColinM1 made on 19th Aug 2020 14:30:30 > @Duvat
A new poll on Scottish independence from Panelbase and Business for Scotland:

YES: 55%
NO: 45%

The surge in YES support flips the result of the 2014 referendum. It's the 5th poll in a row since June showing a rise

KEEP UP YOUR GOOD WORK Duvat ! Your driving them in the right direction !
Response from ColinM1 made on 21st Aug 2020 12:35:19
Stunned by the silence !
31st Mar 2018 09:33:53 (Last activity: 17th Aug 2020 18:06:27)
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Nicola Sturgeon has proven beyond doubt that she is politically effective Afraid you seem to have been brain washed by the biased media including the lop sided Beeb ! " Hard line element " ?? The drive for independence has been without violence . The only incidence I can recall was the fracas in George Square Glasgow after the Independence Ref and that was at the instigation of yobs waving the " Butchers Apron " aka Union Jack . My grand father was English as was my mother in law and both lived the greater part of their lives in Scotland .
Response from djl277 made on 31st Mar 2018 19:16:09
I laughed out loud when I heard that the BBC was launching a scheme to help students recognise fake news.
Response from ColinM1 made on 14th May 2018 17:44:44
Note that the politically "neutral "MOD want to name one of their new nuclear subs " Agincourt " after a battle fought by England against France .
This was BEFORE the Act off Union when we ( SCOTLAND ) supported France in the Entente Cordiale I presume we will NOT be asked to pay the £ 2.5 Billion those chancers require ?
Response from djl277 made on 15th May 2018 12:12:05
Indeed Colin. Never mind, come Independence we'll be rid of this abomination.
Response from Duvat made on 17th Aug 2020 12:33:48 > @djl277
I don’t or would never watch BBC and I agree that sturgeon is a consummate politician, but it’s a con job designed to whip up support from ordinary Scots ( we silent majority Scots can see through her bluster) re all the past rhetoric of her stupid decisions. I am a proud Scot but I am just as proud to be counted as a UK citizen.
Response from ecarg made on 17th Aug 2020 17:50:22
You don't have to be Scots to see through Nichola Sturgeon's bluster,The silent minority can also see through her master plan. There are numerous nationalities living in Scotland other than Scots and they can all speak for themselves .
Response from ColinM1 made on 17th Aug 2020 18:06:27 > @ecarg
Scots English European - irrespective of original nationality- Nicola is wining them over by logic ! You Gov poll :

"It also put the First Minister’s net approval rating at +50 while the Prime Minister lagged behind at -50. Since last year, it marked a boost of 45 points for Sturgeon and a decrease of 16 for the Tory leader."
17th Aug 2020 13:04:14
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Tempus fugit ! Not much changed since the ill informed statement of AlexanderG2 some 3 plus years ago . Pandemic strikes , Boris waffles more than usual , wee Dom is not kept in his cupboard , Brexit is an unmitigated disaster , Scotland has clearly had enough and independence now inevitable , Nicola has clearly proven that she is the most competent and able politician around . Note there has been a keelie invasion of the deep south since I last tuned in !
3rd Sep 2018 17:20:17 (Last activity: 17th Aug 2020 10:39:05)
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Sure it will delight all those introverted Brexiteers aka little Englanders scribbling their rubbish to the incredibly unbiased Daily Mail , Telegraph and Beeb

SNP membership has overtaken the Conservatives for the first time, pushing the party of government into third place.
Data from the House of Commons Library shows the SNP has just under 125,500 registered members, compared to 124,000 for the Tories.
Response from Duvat made on 17th Aug 2020 10:39:05
I’m Scottish and the reason the snp has these votes, is because they are Scottish-I voted for brexit and I’m not introverted or a little englander, PAL. It’s obvious your a remoaner so hard cheese bud!
By the way I couldn’t vote for independence as our GDP is minus 10% with our income at Services 75%.
8th Oct 2018 18:31:16 (Last activity: 17th Aug 2020 10:27:47)
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Sad that the BBC continues its biased reporting of matters north of the Border .The succession of Independence marches have shown a remarkable turnout of many nationalities and indeed ages ! Good humoured and laid back it was an amazing turn out . The 20000 Beebers assessment of the Edinburgh march was laughable Numbers were in probablity between 80 000 and 100 000 !

The usual small band of what the Wee Ginger Dug would describe as “fleg-waving British nationalists” had brought their sound system along. It was loudly playing Rule Britannia for all to hear. This contrasted with the marchers who had, in addition to thousands of Saltires, flags from England, Wales, Ireland, Denmark, Germany, USA, Sri Lanka, India, Catalonia, Malaysia and many more. What a vivid comparison between what Yannis Varoufakis calls “cuddly Scottish nationalism” and the Brit Nat exceptionalism.
Response from Duvat made on 17th Aug 2020 10:27:47
I’m Scottish and proud of it, but their is a silent majority who think the idea of independence is abhorrent (and I’m one of them) The nationalists can parade raucously screaming and waving their banners, but it doesn’t impress people who can think for themselves. Maybe I’m biased but I resent mass parades where they try to garner support. Now I’m not comparing the support for independence movement with the national socialists of Germany, but didn't the brown shirts also have mass parades?
17th Aug 2020 09:54:38
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she has only one aim in mind and that is to be remembered in history as Nicola Sturgeon the
politician who single handedly gained independence for Scotland and she will then resign- so to hell with Scotland and their self inflicted austerity.
16th Aug 2020 15:31:04 (Last activity: 17th Aug 2020 06:46:53)
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in other words she’s an oily bugger!
Response from ecarg made on 17th Aug 2020 06:46:53
Not really LOL Just another politician communicating only half a story .People seem to view that she has done a better job re Covid than Mr. Johnstone but the disaster in the care homes was the same.It is odvious she is trying to raise her popularity in order to go for an independence vote again.
The vote has been made it should not be done again
16th Aug 2020 15:30:03
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in Scotland they say that sturgeon is “Teflon” that means that anything that could show her up in a bad political or personal light does not stick. (lol)
3rd Aug 2018 15:35:47
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After 30 years of denial, the UK Treasury finally admitted that Scots had subsidised the UK by £27 billion (or £5,400 per Scot). Even before the oil boom, Scotland contributed much more to the UK economy than its other partners. This was kept top secret.
23rd Mar 2017 16:39:04 (Last activity: 1st Apr 2018 10:19:10)
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Alexander, I do so thank you for saying that. It took courage, as well as anger.

It must be the case most British people, that includes the Welsh and Ulster people, are sick of hearing about Scotland. I was sick of hearing about Ulster in my youth.

For myself there is no problem with a high degree of independence for Scotland, Ulster and Wales. You must all control your own domestic affairs. Each is a country in it's own right, and must conduct domestic affairs as best suits it's people.

But we must all remain in the Union. As a nation we built the biggest and richest Empire the world has ever know. Our politicians gave it away, just as they did the jet engine. As a nation we re-built our Post War countries, helping each other.

As a natuion we are the fourth largest economy in the world. That's not bad for a nation one sixth the population of the USA! Together we are a power house, apart we are pixies alighting on the pond of world trade.

My wife is of Scots ancestry. She sometimes gets quite lathered about the Poison Pixie in Holyrood. And I, an Englishman, fear the fragmentation of something so successful, so profitable and so good. And all that damage to massage the Poison Pixie's ego!
Response from djl277 made on 31st Mar 2018 19:03:12
Interesting that you have the ear of "most British people" and feel qualified to speak for them.

Couple of points - the UK is the 6th largest economy in the world not the 4th and has every likelihood of slipping further. The British Empire may well have been the largest in history, but it was resisted everywhere it existed with much of the wealth and power gained through genocide, exploitation of indigenous races and seizing resources. It's interesting to note that in India, "the jewel in the crown" during the nearly 190 years of "Empire" there was no recorded increase in Indian per capita income.

It's a shame that you feel the need to resort to petty name calling of the First Minister.
Response from Lionel made on 31st Mar 2018 23:05:39
Ah, politically correct history.

Just a point of order, ole boy, this post was written a year ago when my statement regarding the UK economy was true. Today estimates vary, according to whichever source one reads.

As far as name calling is concerned it was a Scots journo who coined the term in the Scots press!
Response from djl277 made on 1st Apr 2018 09:53:30
Not just politically correct but historically correct. The British Empire is nothing to be proud of.

"As far as name calling is concerned it was a Scots journo who coined the term in the Scots press!"

But your need to repeat it says an awful lot about you.
Response from djl277 made on 1st Apr 2018 10:02:23
The UK's economy was never 4th it was 5th in 2017 as it was in 2016 behind US, China, Japan and Germany.
Response from djl277 made on 1st Apr 2018 10:19:10
"Just a point of order, ole boy"

In your bombastic rhetoric you make assumptions about lots of things, including it would appear the gender of other users.
18th May 2017 19:53:25 (Last activity: 1st Apr 2018 07:22:55)
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During the Brexit negotiations will Scotlands interest be properly represented by the UK team or should someone from Scotland be on the team?
Response from ColinM1 made on 1st Apr 2018 07:22:55
Time has passed since your post was made . It has transpired the Brexit fiasco has been brought about by a hard core of right wing supporters who have got out of their political depth . Scotland does not support BREXIT and May and her cronies have totally failed to listen to our view point Great Britain rapidly becoming Little Britain !
19th Mar 2017 07:37:59 (Last activity: 31st Mar 2018 20:04:16)
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In our house she is referred to as Tamantha Tadpole, a tiny little thing in a big lake, one day she might grow up, but I will not hold my breath.
Response from ColinM1 made on 31st Mar 2018 20:04:16
Methinks that the Archie household are more than a little myopic in their political observations . A recent poll regarding female politicians should Nicola S to be by far the most popular and impressive one in the UK Followed interestingly by the eloquent Mairi Black also of the SNP. The UK excuse for a Prime Minister , Theresa May was not even at the races . Take your books Archie and go to the bottom of the class !

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