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16th Feb 2018 21:31:10
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Thought I might revive this post to see how everyone is doing! Last year my Dr mentioned to me about menopause and gave me some leaflets. I dismissed it because I thought I didn’t have any symptoms. But strangely when I started really thinking, and googling (!) it occurred to me that I had probably been having symptoms for some time! I thought they would start with hot flushes and irregular periods but for me that was at least a year or two down the line. If anyone else is wondering, I can say that I have had anxiety, weight gain, bad hair, and then I did have a couple of night sweats. It didn’t occur to me that the symptoms were menopause,

My Dr suggested MenoPace, a supplement which has really worked for me and reduced symptoms substantially.

My periods have always been regular as clockwork, but have now started to get more spread out and lighter.

I don’t really know how long I have had symptoms, but probably about 3 or 4 years.

How long can I expect to be in this stage? Does the anxiety improve? It has loads with the supplement but would be nice not to have to take them!
21st Jul 2017 11:40:45
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Hello Ladies

First time posting for me. Like you I am going through the menopause and doing a little research on panic/anxiety attacks during the change. Have any of you experienced/are having such episodes during this change? Did you have them before? Is this all new to you?

Any feed back would be very welcome. Thank you
29th Apr 2017 01:30:20
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Very happy too see BBC1 documentary with Kirsty Wark, More off this to teach the world what women are going through as it has always been a taboo subject and people like employers and men need to be educated on this taboo subject rather than insult women our age going through such a terrible time. I say this as a 51yr single woman who worked in the casino industry for 30yrs and got sacked for thinking something was wrong with me when in fact unbeknown to me I had started fully the menopause, Being in the casino industry I was treated wrongly and unfairly.
I would also like to find out that as I am now on HRT but had fibroids and endometrial abiliation back in 2008 and my menopause Not discovered until I had problems in the work place in 2012, was put on HRT immediately However again have fibroids and my concern is how HRT effect with Fibroids? A very difficult time been a single career woman, Dating goes out the window so no support emotionally......... as well as losing my career......Please more programmes like this need to be broadcasted to teach employers and men!!!
Response from jeanmark made on 1st May 2017 18:53:40
I understand your meaning and sympathise but I think you will find a number of men do understand the problems a woman suffers when going through the menopause, they frequently live with the consequences. My father went through absolute hell for 10 years but had to suffer in silence because men didn't understand such things! Thankfully things are changing, hopefully for the better.
Response from LisaJB made on 6th May 2017 12:32:28
I mean in the work place and male employers........As In little understanding! Not in personal relationship's of course long term partners have sympathy and understanding
Response from jeanmark made on 6th May 2017 20:19:34
Ok LisaJB but interestingly I worked in the NHS, for many years a female dominated profession. A surprising number of these females had little sympathy and it appeared the older they were the less likely they were to give support, particularly those who had experienced an 'easy' change!!
2nd May 2017 10:02:13
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Thank you jeanmark for your comments, I was one of those men who tolerated 10/12 years of abuse because of the menopause, it was a very difficult time.
We as men do not totally understand the problem but very often we have empathy with our wives, but somehow they do not want to understand how we feel and how we want to help,but that is life.
Thank You.
25th Apr 2017 21:01:04
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Why do they call it Men -opause when women have to endure it?
22nd Apr 2017 23:35:37
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There have been lots of comments about hot flushes which seem to be the most commonly known symptom, but there are many others which can be hard to deal with and are not often spoken about. I found the following link which describes them and which I found reassuring - i'm not going crazy, it's my hormones !
22nd Apr 2017 17:32:08
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I was on HRT for about 20 years, I felt better, had no mood swings, hot flushes, skin was good, and my hair, was healthy.

Moved house and changed doctors, she told me I had to come off them so I am back to suffering from hot flushes, bad moods, skin and hair not as good. . I wonder how long they will go on for as I now 72. Oh the joys of being a Woman.
Response from Treehugger1 made on 22nd Apr 2017 17:46:51
Did your doctor say why you had to come off HRT Theoldgirl?
There has been a lot of confusion about the possible increased risks of breast cancer which has now been ruled out after further investigation and apparently doctors are now happy to prescribe it because of the benefits to bone health etc. Just wondering whether your doc is still not up to date with the current thinking on this and is not prescribing because she thinks it might be a risk for you?
Response from Theoldgirl made on 22nd Apr 2017 17:51:46
Hi, yes the doctor said it was because of breast cancer. I might have another go and ask the Doctor.
Response from Treehugger1 made on 22nd Apr 2017 19:17:31
Good luck, will you let us know how you get on?
Response from Theoldgirl made on 22nd Apr 2017 20:33:47
Hi, I have to go to the doctors in June, so I will mention it then. I will let you how I get on.
Silversurfers Editor
22nd Apr 2017 08:52:03
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Very interesting topic Treehugger1 and so relevant to many of our ladies in the community. I meant to watch the programme so will try and find it on catch up! I think it is a topic that we should freely discuss as it affects so many of us 🙂

Here is a link to the programme on BBC iPlayer if you missed it:

I will add a link to this topic on our Facebook page too 🙂
Response from Macmay made on 22nd Apr 2017 10:41:53
It's the hot flushes that drives me nuts. I'm always hot and a beetroot sweaty red face, even in the coldest weather. Now I always carry a little fan and stuff what others think when it comes out and used, lol, I do get some looks especially in the winter. I also get the menopause brain so I make sure I wright everything down. I look at it as another thing to go through and make the best of it and make it a joke. X
Response from Joanne65 made on 22nd Apr 2017 19:50:15
I have been suffering from the symptoms, hot flushes (which I find very upsetting) and the irregular periods for the last two years. I seem to be having memory loss and finding it hard to accept the fact that I am going through the menopause. I am 52 and have a son who is 13. I have a appointment booked to discuss HRT. I desperately need someone to talk to as most the females I work with are younger than me. And don't mention the lack of self confidence!!
22nd Apr 2017 19:46:53
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I had a hysterectomy at the age of 27 but didn't have my ovaries removed until I was 34. I then had to start HRT, because the high risk of osteoporosis far outweighed the risk of taking HRT.

Whilst taking it I had very few problems with menopausal symptoms and didn't come off the drug until I was 63. Fortunately I've had no problems with menopausal symptoms as I am now through the 'natural' age. I do have a haematological disorder that puts me at very high risk of a stoke without treatment, but HRT was considered a low risk factor for this compared to the risk of osteoporosis.

I have obviously been lucky compared to some of you but do wish more people knew about Endometriosis, but that is another female problem few have an understanding of unless you are a sufferer!
22nd Apr 2017 10:50:28
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I took HRT for about 10 years and had no problems at all.
Response from Red admiral made on 22nd Apr 2017 14:21:15
Me too. But still have probs with the night sweats 11 yes on!
Response from Cymraes44 made on 22nd Apr 2017 15:20:53
No, never had any night sweats or any other problems!
Response from Treehugger1 made on 22nd Apr 2017 19:29:50
When you stopped taking HRT had the menopausal symptoms gone Cymraes?
Response from Cymraes44 made on 22nd Apr 2017 19:35:26
Yes, I never had any symptoms, I took HRT from age 49 to 59
22nd Apr 2017 10:52:06
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Hi there I am 69 years old, had a hysterectomy aged 33 began an early menopause at 36 (due to the surgery).
I suffered a DVT at the age of 29 and was advised to stop taking the contraceptive pill. I had a second DVT in my 40's (reason unknown)
At the age of 40 my doctor prescribed HRT and there began the best years of my life.
After major surgery I suffered P.E (pulmonary embolism) and was advised to stop the HRT.
The years since have been overruled by the menopause.
My doctor will NOT prescribe HRT again, even though the medics have rewritten the risks involved.
Just wondering how many more years I have to suffer this unbearable way of life.
Have a good day
Response from Treehugger1 made on 22nd Apr 2017 19:26:48
We're in a similar position then Kate. I also had a PE several years ago (forgot to mention it in my OP) but despite this and the DVTs my GP hasn't refused to prescribe HRT, as I am on anti-coagulant medication for life which 'should' prevent further clots. It has been my decision to stop taking it after mother and uncle suffered TIAs and now have vascular dementia which scares me witless.
So sorry to read that you're enduring these awful symptoms still. It makes me mad that some people just don't understand how debilitating the physical and emotional effects of hormonal imbalance can be.
22nd Apr 2017 16:50:26
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Needing people to understand really helps, l stick up for myself constantly but it can be tiring and regular breaks from people helps....
Response from AlisonH8 made on 22nd Apr 2017 19:02:51
I so agree with how you feel. It's always a joke or brushed off. People need to understand more
22nd Apr 2017 18:59:49
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I watched this with interest. Why was it on so late !! I guess I'm starting this journey, I've been denying it for a while. I'm afraid I will take all the drugs I'm offered, but understand your thoughts. I guess if I had problems caused by the drugs I would stop too. It does make me mad though, so much money goes into all men's problems. But when it only affects women they just make jokes about it.
22nd Apr 2017 14:21:58
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Have you heard of bioidentical HRT or natural progesterone. Works wonders for me.
Response from Treehugger1 made on 22nd Apr 2017 17:40:32
Hi Carole,
Yes my GP mentioned it but also questioned the safety of it (with my DVT history) as she wasn't sure whether the effects would be similar and possibly cause clotting.
I have been googling but I can't find any recommendation or comparison between the natural product and HRT issued by the NHS.
Good to read that it helps you 🙂
22nd Apr 2017 14:19:55
Thanks for voting!
I am struggling with night sweats and disturbed sleep. I thought the programme was excellent, very down to earth and factual ( although the number of cakes throughout the programme was interesting! Another symptom?)
I now feel I can approach my GP for help and maybe HRT isn't the villain I thought it was and you can take small doses.
The Guardian did a great review also.
Red admiral
22nd Apr 2017 14:16:23
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I started menopause at 42.took Hertfordshire ten years then stopped. I am now aged 63.still suffering nite sweats. Very bad. Hot and cold. Tried everything..
Response from Red admiral made on 22nd Apr 2017 14:17:44
Took H. R. T.!
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