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23rd Jan 2017 20:46:08
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Hi everyone, only joined yesterday, trying to find my way around, I am in south yorkshire, sheffield, anyone out there close by?rubie
10th Jul 2019 21:53:18
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Good evening , I would like to post my picture on my profile , but it wont go on , why is that .
26th Mar 2019 21:01:43
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Hello, just joined this site, I am a mature gent who is seeking companions for travel, perhaps a cruise or foreign travel abroad also the uk, any thing considered really
Response from Olsen made on 26th Jun 2019 21:05:42
Well I’m very mature, 78 to be precise recently widowed having looked after my lovely husband this past year. He died aged 96 and we had 37 happy years together.
I’m not looking for romance just a congenial travelling companion especially for cruising as it is hideously expensive for a single.
I’m into sunbathing, reading, gardening playing various games like rummycub, trionomy, skipbo having given up on scrabble as many play to different rules !!
I’ve been a naturist for the past 40 years so not shy, just like to feel the sun on my body, I like to dance a little, no good at card games or anything that need accurate throwing !
If you are interested let’s have a chat
18th Jun 2019 23:27:05
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Hi flyingdreams, I’m still coping with the death of my partner three years ago. It has got easier but I have down days. I try and focus on the good times and fortunately there were many. Uplifting music and positive people help me but give yourself time to grieve. Don’t rush it, if you feel bad then say so don’t grin and bear it. You are human after all and there is no recipe or book telling us how to get over these things. I wish you the very best.
Response from flyingdreams made on 23rd Jun 2019 12:34:15
Hi Bikergran666 thank you for your reply , your loss 3 years ago certainly puts you further 'down the line' than me. No doubt you have learnt to cope more with your feelings, my losses' so recent' are so difficult to cope with. I am also trying to move within my local Authority to be nearer my Son for greater support. Mental health problems also come into the equation making things more stressful. Living in sheltered accommodation is a great benefit but too far away from my loved ones.

I hope you continue to progress with coping with your loss, I have the second funeral to go through yet ! Best wishes to you F.D.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Jun 2019 13:03:04
Good afternoon bikergran666 , life can be hard when you lose a loved one , my own mother suffered a loss few years ago , when my father died , it take time to adjust , lots if emotions will follow for a time , but with the strength of friends and family you will feel better , I encourage my mum to talk to his photo , because it helped her exspress her feels of being left alone , all I can say never give up on life and in time your move forward , good luck .

Response from flyingdreams made on 23rd Jun 2019 18:57:10
Thank you for your support PatriciaB96
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Jun 2019 19:24:06
You are most welcome to you both .
Response from VegaLyra made on 25th Jun 2019 09:21:25
Good morning everyone !
Plenty of sunshine today.....
17th Jun 2019 21:22:59
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Hi Silver Surfers
I have not been posting for some time but recent events warrant a new posting.
I had a dear Lady friend confined to a care home and a great older brother. Sadly they have passed on within the last 6 weeks, about 5 weeks apart. Its a monumental loss to bear so close together. Can any surfers offer any guidance for coping with this double loss and trying to move on.
Response from Yodama made on 18th Jun 2019 09:00:51
A huge loss flyingdreams, hard to bear at the moment when you can't bear the next day.
No pithy comments from me to say it will get better in time but time is what it will take and although difficult, try to do the little things that you would have normally done through the day. Try to stick to a routine of sorts.

Stay talking on Silversurfers, try to get involved in conversations, who knows, you may find a friend or two to talk to.
Loss comes to all of us at some time or other, how we cope with it is the secret.
My personal loss had me crying and depressed at times and then I gradually came out of it, music helped me enormously.
I hope you find some comfort in this message.
Response from VegaLyra made on 18th Jun 2019 09:18:04
Coping with the loss of those you love is a big challenge.
Grieving is a highly individual experience and healing happens gradually.
Take care of your health.
As far I see, there is not much communication on this forum.
Few members log in daily.
I have a busy daily programme, but try to log on here every morning, for a few minutes.
Wishing you a nice Tuesday, with positive energy and optimism.
Response from PatriciaB96 made on 23rd Jun 2019 13:07:31
Flyingdreams , life is hard for those who lost loved ones , maybe you could try and find a bereavement group to help you though the process of not shutting yourself away , good luck .

22nd Feb 2019 01:31:47
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I’m not very tech, enjoy lunching , gardening , theatre, love dogs . Just anyone to have a chat to , and be friends
Response from SilverBlue made on 22nd Feb 2019 15:25:11
Welcome to Silversurfers Maureen, I hope you enjoy the site
Response from Donna04085 made on 19th May 2019 23:46:46
Hi Maureen24, I am also looking for some people to chat with... I just joined, so will see where this leads....
19th May 2019 23:43:57
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Are there any people here from Maine?
19th May 2019 23:42:58
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Hi Everyone, I am a newbie.... Hope to make some new friends.
19th May 2019 15:24:25
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Looking for male travelling companion over 50 yeras
13th May 2019 22:01:27
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Hi i'm new to chat rooms and just looking to make friends to chat with
3rd Mar 2019 00:15:38
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70 y/o curmudgeon in Austin, TX looking to make friends, blab, explore ideas, share thoughts. Politically progressive if that matters to you.
Response from Tr1sh made on 3rd Mar 2019 10:03:20
Curmudgeon - what a wonderful word that is. I immediately thought of a Victor Meldrew character although as you are in America, you may not have heard of him so perhaps Walter Matthau?

I think Miriam Margolyes might be a female curmudgeon (if there is such a thing) although she probably is more eccentric than grumpy.
Response from RabHaw made on 25th Apr 2019 07:19:59
Hi Emiiano Greetings to you in Texas Plenty of blab on this web but sadly lacking very much in live topics with a political agenda . A perusal of current topics along these line shows a total lack of interest with numerous sites having had no responses for two three or even four years ! Trump has been scheduled for a state visit in the summer . Not likely to receive a very welcoming reception I feel - he seems as popular here as our quite poisonous Prime Minister ! Room for change .and a new topic !
21st Apr 2019 10:25:48
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Hello everyone. First time on here. Have lived in Lancashire for 10 years. Love it here, but no real mates as yet. Bit restricted by child care obligations & missing the social/ friendship outings etc. Am long time vegetarian, cat lover, WHU supporter......... happy to chat.
14th Apr 2019 23:52:17
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I just joined, wanted to say hello to all. I look forward to chatting with you.

Melanie Grace
22nd Mar 2019 16:42:10
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Response from Yodama made on 22nd Mar 2019 17:56:36
Hello your highness, nice to have you join us.
10th Mar 2019 20:50:26
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Hi. Just recently joined here, so thought I'd say hello. Anyone in from East Yorkshire?
Response from CaroleAH made on 10th Mar 2019 22:36:02
Hi Greg,
Welcome to Silversurfers - hope you find lots of topics to interest you on the site. Whereabouts in East Yorkshire are you from? I'm in North Yorkshire.
24th Feb 2019 18:18:52
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Hello everyone. I'm Brazilian, 65 years old, I'm in Liverpool for 2 months. I do not speak English, I communicate with the translator. Is there anyone who wants to talk to me? Thanks.
22nd Feb 2019 09:24:18
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Oops I forgot to say I'm a Lady!
22nd Feb 2019 08:51:44
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Hi everyone I'm a newbie and hoping to find a traveling companion and meet new friends.. I'm based in Yorkshire about a 20minute drive from Harewood House

I'm open to new adventures and challenges.. Being single it's all a Do it on your own job as all my friends are coupled up and seem to forget about me!!

I'm 63 fun witty mobile.. Am owned by 3 Beautiful horses and a cat.
Sons have fledged years ago..
I would like to join the national trust and visit as many places as possible with someone rather than alone.
I love swimming sand Nordic walking for pleasure not to beat any speed reasonably fit but would like to be fitter, so if you're up for a walk out and coffee stop let me know

I'm in need of a break away.. Perhaps a cruise but not river cruising.. that doesn't really appeal for some reason but then I could be wrong it may be the greatest thing ever I won't know unless I've tried
Would love to see more of Italy Greece Turkey as I've not really seen much at all. Prefer the cooler times to visit rather than sweltering heat
Anyway looking forward to hearing from anybody who's interested or who has new ideas that would like to

Wishing everybody every success in finding a meeting new friends and having New Adventures
22nd Feb 2019 01:27:49
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Njoy gardening , a pet lover, love theatre
10th Feb 2019 23:32:05
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Just joined and I’m not very tech but can someone say hello
Response from CaroleAH made on 11th Feb 2019 09:27:40
Hello Skyelark! 🙂 Welcome to Silversurfers - hope you find lots of topics on the forum which you can join in with.
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