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5th Jul 2018 17:28:46
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happy days,exiting too apart fom exams and splitting from your perfect girl, great music--- mamas and papas , sonny and cher the kinks the r, stones etc clothes could be good , mod shirts, a military jacket and i rode a vespa badly once
7th Jun 2018 18:51:43
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To me, the best thing about the 60s is that I was 50 years younger than I am now. LOL
1st Aug 2017 19:47:58
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We were starting our family in the 60's, 3 children under 4, Exhausting but very happy years, even though we did not have much money.
16th Jul 2017 23:50:36
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I was a teenager in the sixties and have to say it was the best time of my life. I just wish kids of today could know the great times we had as youngsters.
Response from Mannin made on 17th Jul 2017 00:52:54
I guess the teenagers of today will be saying the same thing to kids in 50 years time.
Response from gypsy47 made on 18th Jul 2017 03:23:23
Maybe Mannin, but they will never know the freedom we had back then. Makes me sad for them.
15th Jun 2017 15:03:08
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Life before my 15th birthday was beset with physical abuse under the guise of upbringing, little in the way of education, low expectation of social guidance and a total lack of parental affection. Subsequently my entry into the military at that tender age was the gateway to freedom, discipline, comradeship, travel, education and social inter-relationship. By the end of the decade, I had formed friendships, relationships and a determination to learn all that I could about the World, it's peoples, their cultures, faiths and histories. Now in my dotage, I realise that most of what I achieved in life was founded in that glorious era of great music, free love, and tolerance, and little of significance was influential thereafter.
27th Nov 2016 17:43:15
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Hi, I'm new here! I loved the 60's - I was 10 in '68. I have 2 older brothers who were big musical influences for me, & I've been a Beatles freak since I can remember. I got to see Paul at Penn State University last year & it was beyond wonderful! I love the music of that time (from folk to rock) the atmosphere (minus racism & sexism) the look & the feel of clothes, hair, etc. That's where I go when I need to escape to a "happy place".
Response from JohnHerb made on 8th Jan 2017 00:05:34
It did seem a more carefree lifestyle especially compared to today-much more simple
8th Jan 2017 00:04:27
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Loved the music and the freedom as a kid to just wonder about and play
Georgie Girl
22nd Dec 2016 10:11:19
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What did I like best about the 60s, hmm being some 40 years younger!!!
21st Dec 2016 12:04:45
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Riding Vespa scooter with my boyfriend - scooter had chrome bubbles and wing mirrors real foxes tail from road kill -more chrome the better just like Quadrophenia wore my split back parka -drinking every Saturday jn Brighton at Druids Head -Sussex-and Greyhound-I still possess my bright red patent jacket I wore on scooter its in perfect condition and still fits after 5O years ........
16th Nov 2016 22:12:50
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I had a very happy Childhood in the sixties, to this day I think it was the best dacade for everything, I was born in Liverpool, my only regret was I wasn't old enough to go to the Cavern, and see the Beatles, but a few years ago I got to see Paul McCartney, and I could not discribe What that was like! I've loved The Fab Four since I was 7yrs old, and still do ! And it's an added bonus to say their Our Boys from Liverpool.May I also add that Paul, still has connections with the city, and goes there frequently!
28th Oct 2016 14:56:04
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Re The Beatles in the sixties….Let me tell you a true story.

In 1962 I was working at The Rialto ballroom in Liverpool as assistant general manager after being transferred from the Majestic Ballroom Newcastle. Every Thursday night I was the relief manager at The Majestic ballroom Birkenhead where we put on all the local groups.

I spent most lunchtimes at the Cavern. One day I met my friend Bob Wooler DJ of the Cavern Club and we went around to Nems music store to see Brian Epstein. A little later we all went to The Cavern Club as Bob wanted Brian to see a group called The Beatles who were not long back from Germany. They were great and of course the rest is history.

After being in Liverpool for some months I contacted Mr Neilson Manager of The Majestic Ballroom Newcastle and told him that there were many great groups in Liverpool such as The Big Three, The Beatles, Lee Curtiss and The All Stars, Gerry and The Pacemakers, Billy J Kramer, Freddie Star and the Midnighters and Derry Wilkie and The Pressmen. There were others and that he should book them, which he did.

Sometime later I was involved in a car smash after getting a lift from a drunken doctor from the Blue Angel club, ending up in hospital. Bob Wooler came to visit me and he was sporting a black eye. He told me that John Lennon had thumped him after he made a comment about Lennon's holiday in Spain with Brian Epstein. You have to realise that Bob was the type of guy who would not lift a finger to defend himself.
After recovering I asked for and got a transfer back to the Majestic Newcastle where in 1963 The Beatles were booked to play. I remember that day well as I was looking forward to seeing the band again. When they arrived with their gear I let them in where they commenced to set up their gear for that nights show. They started to rehearse a song, which turned out to be She Loves You, Paul doing the arrangement. The song was rehearsed and polished off on that afternoon BEFORE the gig and not after as many have suggested.. That’s a fact because I sat at the back of the ballroom and listened to it all. I let them out of the ballroom and they went to their hotel, which was The Turks Head. Later that night we had the gig, I introduced them to the stage and all hell was let loose, you could hardly hear the band for the screaming kids. In fact John Lennon told me in the dressing room that it was ok to play their records now ( I did DJ-ing as well) as they would not be heard over the screaming when on stage.

It is my understanding that the band booked into the Turks Head then came to the ballroom to set the gear up and have a rehearsal at about 3pm. I just don't see how they would have the time to write the song at the Turks Head before coming to the Majestic to set the gear up. So as far as I am concerned "She Loves You" was written in Liverpool at Paul McCartneys home. I witnessed its arrangement (which was the same arrangement that ended up on the record) on the afternoon before the gig at The Majestic Ballroom, Newcastle in 1963. My opinion is there was only one musical genius in The Beatles and that was and is Paul McCartney. He was also the best drummer in The Beatles.

By the way, Oriole records made The Merseybeat albums at The Rialto Ballroom Liverpool when I was there. Yes the early 1960’s were a great time to be around.
Ken Black.
Response from Yodama made on 28th Oct 2016 15:00:04
Fantastic life and memories Andre, you really had a great time it seems. Write a book about it.
Response from Andre made on 28th Oct 2016 16:02:38
They were indeed Little Minx. We booked most of the bands that were in the charts at that time. It seemed to me that the sixties were by far a better time all round to be alive.
Response from Yodama made on 28th Oct 2016 17:12:10
A very interesting time, shaking of the staid era of our parents. Really free. Love to go back to those times. As things seem to go full circle, wonder when kids will shake themselves free again.
28th Oct 2016 08:27:41
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Ah, the 60's...... Heavens! was it that long ago? It seems like yesterday. Wonderful memories of youth. The world was our oyster.

The music, the clothes (although I have to admit having recently seen some photos of mens fashions of the time I did find it a bit "cringeworthy").

College and friends, coffee bars, clubs and pubs. I was in the Manchester area, and it was humming and alive. Perhaps that was just youthful emotions, but I like to think the former.

We were very lucky to have our youth in those years. We were not "taken over" by technology. We still talked to each other and children were taught good manners and still "played outside" without a "paedophile" lurking around every corner. We got dirty and wet, and skinned our knees. We went to school to learn, respected others and had pride in ourselves.

When we sat down at the dinner table we ate what we were served and were thankful for it. We had conversations about the day and shared our experiences. The television, if you had one was turned off, and did not rule supreme. What happened??

If we could bring back those days perhaps we could eradicate some of the worlds ills, but perhaps that's just wishful thinking and being too optimistic, but I like to look on the bright side.
27th Oct 2016 21:27:24
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14th Oct 2016 21:22:28
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Exploring who you were.
Tried being a Beatnik in Salisbury, we used to gather in a dingy coffee house called " The Two Bare Feet" and they had little baby bare feet logo's all over the crockery. It was serious, reading Jean Paul Sartre, exploring existentialism, wearing all black with long straight hair and white lipstick. When the weather allowed it was compulsory to walk barefoot everywhere, all the time trying to look intelligent and cool at the same time. This was marching time from Aldermaston to ban the bomb.
That was not for me, such dreariness all the time so I tried another identity, Sloppy Joe jumpers with skinny tights and ballet shoes, huge hooped earrings topped off with a beehive hairstyle, backcombed and lacquered so that a hurricane would not budge it. Forget the boyfriend running his fingers through your hair.
This was more fun. Discovering the Jive. A fine young man named Wilfred Hodgkinson with his Northern accent and DA hairdo, brusquely asked " wanna dance". I stuttered " I don't know how to". My mother had forbidden me from going to this dance hall, so there was always a tinge of fear in case anyone saw me and reported back. I learned to Jive and dance, blissful days.

That was my taste of the "other" life, it felt good, but something was missing.

Then the happy medium, studying hard and into Trad Jazz clubs ( usually in cellars) and a more sedate kind of life. Natty two piece suits and flared summer dresses, hats and high heels.

I wonder who I am now? maybe a mix of all three. We were lucky not to be bombarded by the relentless advice given by the so called experts, social media, Facebook TV. and the rest of the interfering diet gurus.
Poor kids today, have a hard time discovering who they really are. Maybe it's time to let them find themselves.
Response from jeanymay made on 14th Oct 2016 22:07:47
Exciting times when your young and trying things out. Happy days
Response from Yodama made on 26th Oct 2016 19:52:08
I think the people who survived those days, are a happy resilient bunch. Best humour was from the poor recipients of the blanket bombing of London.

When the new buzz bombs started dropping, the whining then the silence then the thump.
Flo' with her flowered apron and scarf tied over her hair, holding a broom with a ciggy hanging out of her mouth said " I don't like them new bombs,I do like me bombs dropped proper".

Typical of the spirit.
2nd Sep 2016 22:46:14
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Response from Jessica10 made on 9th Sep 2016 16:54:28
Loved that song, was it Mary someone who sang it?
Response from Jessica10 made on 10th Sep 2016 10:23:34
Yes, of course it was her, it's all coming back to me - lol. Loved those days, if only I could turn the clock back!
Response from Yodama made on 22nd Oct 2016 13:06:43
Response from Yodama made on 24th Oct 2016 12:50:32
Daze meaning what? LSD, cannabis Duuuuuuuuuuuude?
15th Oct 2016 01:13:10
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mini skirts
Response from Lionel made on 22nd Oct 2016 17:51:06
Ah, such a revelation!
Response from ecarg made on 23rd Oct 2016 11:08:43
Yes and rolling over the waist band of our school skirts as soon as we left the school grounds, black tights with white knee length socks over the top ,we thought we were so trendy!
Response from Yodama made on 23rd Oct 2016 18:07:47
Then after the mini came the micro skirt!!!!
Response from Yodama made on 23rd Oct 2016 20:15:42
Someone was heard saying this on seeing a girl scantily clad in micro skirt,
" that's a nice dress she's nearly got on, got a bit of fur round the hem to keep her neck warm"
23rd Oct 2016 11:26:58
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Being young (I was born in Dec 56) and getting excited about doing new things. Music, dance, boys, and just life in general was good.

Perhaps we should try to rekindle some of the passion we had for life.
Response from jeanymay made on 23rd Oct 2016 15:22:55
I still like being daft at times. Fun is not just for the young, and helps to keep you young.
Response from jeanymay made on 23rd Oct 2016 17:11:11
It sure does !
Response from Yodama made on 23rd Oct 2016 17:33:07
What about dancing all night in winklepickers! Strolling home with your boyfriend barefoot because your feet were killing you!
Response from jeanymay made on 23rd Oct 2016 17:53:46
the days when fashion came before comfort eh !
22nd Oct 2016 14:38:22
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A great trip down memory lane reading "what did you like best about the60's" even the ice on the windows brought back drawing pictures on the glass. This year I have been to Liverpool on the Beatles tour and to a Beatles tribute band night - brilliant. The excitement and sense of optimism ,the freedom to walk miles over the fields as a child providing you were home by tea time, recording the top 40 on a cassette player and listening to it back when you should be asleep. Leaving school at 15 and becoming a nanny to children aged 2.4.6.and 8 taking the youngest for walks and explaining to people, no they are not mine! Would parents employ someone so young to look after their children today? I was not academic but I'm sure I had a lot more pratical skills than people leaving school now . We were educated in cookery and, sewing . and were less mollycoddled than children today, we were allowed to take risks and learn from our mistakes. I expect the current generation will look back on there childhoods like us with a mixture of emotions but we can't change history just hope for a better tomorrow.
27th Jun 2016 09:32:40
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Newcastle on Tyne was the place to be in the 60's. The clubs were The Marimba, The New Orleans Jazz, The Muscle In, The Downbeat where the Animals started, and the Club aGo-go was the best, to name but a few. Anyone remember the Newcastle clubs? - have a look at the Club aGo-go website which also has memories and old photos of other clubs, memories from musicians and of club go-ers. - All of the 60's.
Response from Vantodder made on 22nd Oct 2016 11:45:58
The La Strada, just down the road at South Shields was my favourite
Lenas Boy
16th Oct 2016 21:29:53
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So much to like about the sixties. The music
Del Shannon Elvis Small Faces. Four Seasons and so many more.Maybe falling in so called love. Leyton Orient getting promoted to the old first division for the only time in their history .Living life to the full .Oh what great days don't really remember much about it though?
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