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20 hours ago
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Hi , I am new to the site, but seems lots of great info and ideas.
A s regards pain, I have suffered for 30 years with a back problems, inflamed discs leading to bad posture , mis allignment of my spine and all the follow up problems, one thing leads to another and with bad attacks every couple of years caused by repetative movements, i.e decorating , cutting the grass etc.
As I have got into my fifties though , the last couple of years have been a case of more frequent episodes having to take 8 or 9 painkilliers , anti inflammatories and deep heat daily just to function, to get out of bed and to be able to move, surgery was an option but risky with no guarentees. I have since december last year been taking cbd oil, and havent had to take any of these since.
It is worth looking into as it is helping to allieviate and prevent a whole host of medical problems.
But do your research as to where you get it , strengths , and make sure it is thc free.
1st Nov 2018 21:09:00
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Having just joined Silversurfers and reading Sally’s question above I can say that I do my best to stay on top of all my ailments by keeping my mind active even if my body is falling to pieces.
Over the years I have averaged a broken bone about every two years. I have Osteoporosis plus Chronic Asthma and Epilepsy rounded off with Rheumatoid Arthritis and have a pacemaker.
I keep myself occupied now at the age of 88 by writing my poems and answering the many folk who come to me for tales from WW2.
I have written a book about the first 20years of my life that tells of me being cruelly treated by so called Sisters-of -Mercy and then being bombed out twice during WW2 during the London Blitz and machine gunned twice.
I try not to take painkillers because the very strong ones I found caused blockage of the bowels. I just stick to Paracetamol now plus having a good giggle each day with the many folks who I am in contact with and I just live each day as it comes. Best wishes to all.
26th Sep 2018 23:25:27
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I have been using OPC's - strong antioxidant for many years. My Mom used the same product for her arthritis. I also have a friend who used it in high doses after knee replacement along with
MSM. Good for any inflammation
14th Aug 2018 07:25:57
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I have pain from several conditions but believe most were caused by Mast cell activation disorder which most Doc's have no clue about. I just try to ride it out as I react to painkillers so can't have, with Listening to nature sounds and deep breathing or most any distraction I can find and do. I think the worst thing about pain etc is it can be so isolating. I sometimes wish I could plug myself in to my health care peeps Doc's etc so just for a moment they can feel what I and other are feeling then maybe they would be more sympathetic. Sending healing hugs to you all <3
Scottish lady
12th Apr 2018 23:31:34
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Has anyone had neuropathic pain after having had shingles. I have it after getting shingles in my eye and on my forehead and scalp.
Thank you.
Scottish lady
15th Mar 2018 15:09:22
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I am just out of Hospital from a four day stay with shingles on my forehead and scalp. It went into my eye, thus the hospital admission. Has any of you had shingles in their eye, and if so, did you recover OK? Thanks.
Response from jeanmark made on 15th Mar 2018 18:51:49
I'm fortunate to never have had shingles but I nursed many patients when it affected their face, including the eye and all recovered. I'll wish you a full recovery as I know how painful it must have been.
Scottish lady
9th Jan 2018 19:01:30
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Does anybody suffer from back of leg pain. I have had Tibialis posterior dysfunction and tenosynovitis in both feet for the past three years, which is bad enough, but have only recently had very painful muscle pains in back of legs. I haven't been to Dr. about this yet but will be going soon unless it improves. Just wondering if anybody else has had this and what they have done about it. Taking painkillers but doesn't help.
15th Nov 2017 09:34:12
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Hi everyone - I’m new to Silversurfers.
Aches and pains come and go for me too - why not explore other options like complementary therapies - for general wellbeing as well as specific pain.
Doctors have their own tools - referral to surgeons, medication, injections and referral to physio; physios in the NHS these days seem limited to assessment and giving exercise - which is great for body maintenance - if you do the exercises, that is; surgeons will operate - that’s what they are trained for after all.
Taking responsibility for one’s own health seems the way forward - nutrition, sensible intake of alcohol, and then explore what else is out there that may or may not help - but if you don’t try - how do you know?
2nd Sep 2017 16:27:14
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I suffer from Headaches caused I think from Neck problems, I. e Osteoarthritis. Don't like to use tablets much because of side effects. Trying at the moment - Melissa Dream tablets to help me sleep better, only just started on them. Has anyone tried them & did they help?
26th May 2017 06:42:47
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I'd like to recommend a couple of things. First magnewium helps pain. However magnesium oxide, the cheapset type, is laxative. Magnesium maleate is a good choice or if you can get into a bath buy food grade epsom salts (you can get large sacks online) and soak in a warm bath containing at least one cupful. Stay there 15 minutes and pat dry.
Response from Scottish lady made on 27th May 2017 22:11:54
Thank you for this.
Response from harann made on 1st Aug 2017 19:30:47
Thank you, I am just about to start taking Magnesium Malate, hope it will help with headaches & Osteoarthritis pain.
Scottish lady
27th Jul 2017 18:53:20
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Hello, has anyone had any experience of Tenosynovitis, (Tendon sheath inflammation) I have it in my feet. I have other feet problems as well. Have suffered for 3 years. It is changing my life as I am in constant pain and cant do what I want to do.
Response from jeanmark made on 27th Jul 2017 19:34:14
I've seen DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis (inflammation of the thumb) but not in the feet. How is your GP treating it?
Response from Scottish lady made on 27th Jul 2017 21:05:50
I go to the Dr. about this problem on Tuesday. I know what the condition is because I got an ultrasound done in the local Hospital where I was sent as I have continual pain in my feet which is getting worse. It began 3 years ago. The sonographer said that it was inflammation in the sheath lining. It is really "doing my head in, big time".
Response from jeanmark made on 28th Jul 2017 16:06:22
Do non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) such as ibuprofen help? Hopefully your doctor can sort things out and find an effective treatment. I know for DeQuervain’s tenosynovitis physiotherapy can be effective otherwise steroid injection, I don't know about the foot. Good luck anyway.
26th May 2017 06:45:56
Thanks for voting!
forgot the second - we have an excellent osteopath who cured my husband's bad knee (after one visit and some recommended exercises) when the gp recommended surgery and has significantly helped a sore hip.
Georgie Girl
22nd Dec 2016 16:52:48
Thanks for voting!
One thing I can highly recommend is Rosemary oil, mixed with a carrier oil or a simple base cream, fantastic stuff. My husband could hardly get in and out of the car was told he needed new knees but started using Rosemary oil religiously morning and night, still does. I am getting in to this also and have found it does help.
Response from Scottish lady made on 16th May 2017 12:15:34
Where do you get Rosemary oil and carrier oil. Is it better to use them together?
Thank you.
25th Apr 2017 23:59:55
Thanks for voting!
I find that Glaucomamine helps the aches and pains as well as codliver oil capsules.
If I stop taking them all the pains are back, so I just carry on.
Response from Scottish lady made on 27th Apr 2017 16:22:12
Thank you for your advice Smarttrams S. I will get some Glaucomamine. I know that is good for all sorts of Aches & pains.
Response from SmarttramS made on 27th Apr 2017 17:46:25
Try ordering from Nature Best, Simply Supplements, Chemist Direct.. Get good results from all of them.
Response from ThePrimate made on 27th Apr 2017 21:17:30
Glucosamine sulfate used in dietary supplements does not always come from natural sources. It can also be made in a laboratory. There are different forms of glucosamine including glucosamine sulfate, glucosamine hydrochloride, and N-acetyl-glucosamine.
Interestingly, my vet recommended the hydrochloride version for my dog. He said it was more effective for both dogs & humans but as always ask your own health professional before trying anything new.
Response from SmarttramS made on 27th Apr 2017 23:23:29
Yes but your health professional is not going know. Try it first,and if you find it works for you, why bother asking a HP
Response from jeanmark made on 1st May 2017 18:33:22
Try asking a Pharmacist SmarttramS, you may be surprised.
paisley pattern
22nd Dec 2016 14:09:12
Thanks for voting!
I have had a painful base of thumb for a while and it's getting worse. I believe it's wear and tear as a result of my job. I'm sure it'll be arthritis, which tends to run in my family. I'm taking painkillers at the moment but they are not helping much. I can see me going to my gp soon.
Response from Christiana made on 22nd Dec 2016 14:49:27
I have just come back from Tenerife my arthritis has improved could be hot weather or because I'm taking 1000mg glaucosamine-checked dose with health shop dosage fine
Response from jeanmark made on 22nd Dec 2016 15:17:21
I have been taking the 1500mg of Glucosamine for a number of years for my arthritis after my GP recommended it. There are good studies that indicate it helps and although not foolproof I have found a great difference.

My husband was having cortisone injections into his shoulder but since taking Glucosamine every day has not required any injections.

It may not work for everyone but it's worth a try, you do need to take it for about 2 months before feeling any benefit.
Response from Georgie Girl made on 22nd Dec 2016 16:49:22
I am pleased you mentioned Glucosamine I took them for a long time, even prescribed by doc until they decided it was costing them too much. I have not taken any for years now but tomorrow I will change that as each day brings more aches and pains and in places I never knew I had!!!
Response from jeanmark made on 22nd Dec 2016 19:01:34
Mine are not prescribed as they are not on my Practice's NHS Medicine List but I do get them from a reputable company on-line along with my Cod Liver Oil. I'm unable to take NSAID's and thus Glucosamine appears an appropriate alternative for me.
paisley pattern
22nd Dec 2016 17:24:51
Thanks for voting!
I must try that. Thanks Georgie Girl 🙂
13th Nov 2016 06:59:18
Thanks for voting!
I have arthritis in my knee had cortisone injection 2 weeks ago hasn't started working as yet -any suggestions from those who had this jab - Thanx
Response from Dollie made on 13th Nov 2016 07:30:35
didnt work for me Christiana, I think doctors use this method as its a great deal cheaper than having the operation for knee replacements.
5th Nov 2016 08:47:14
Thanks for voting!
I live with them 24/7 . Some mornings when I get up I feel as though Ive been run over by a bus! 🙁
Ive tried all sorts of treatments for osteo arthritis, herbal, homeopathy, acupuncture, prescription meds ( which have awful side effects) I have found that deep heat eases the pain a little. I had the knee injections but they didnt work, that was excruciating I nearly hit the roof with the pain of having the injections!
Pity old age doesn't come with a warning!
5th Nov 2016 08:33:35
Thanks for voting!
Have been diagnosed with arthritis in knee had cortisone injection on Thursday 3 November how long does it take to kick in as still in pain plus what vitamins recommended to help with this joint problem thanx
16th Jan 2016 21:32:23
Thanks for voting!
Hi, I'm wondering how people cope with chronic pain, I'm 57 and have been busy all my life working full time in a stressful job and raising a family, however 3 yrs ago I started suffering from chronic pain and have been seen by various specialists who have diagnosed me with six different conditions ranging from my spine to nerve damage in my arms and legs and also fibromyalgia, I won't bore you with the medical details of them all but my mobility is severely compromised and I'm in chronic pain, I have been tried on so many pain killers including morphine to no avail.
However my two grown up daughters with children of their own seem to not accept it and either think I'm exaggerating ( I wish I was ) or that it's because I'm a little overweight, I'm currently on long term sick leave from my job as a mental health nurse and occupational health are supporting Ill health retirement, I feel so frustrated and useless.
Response from nutcracker made on 4th Nov 2016 10:46:01
I am afraid my son and daughter in law think I am "attention seeking" and I was given 4 weeks to "sort myself out"
I am currently supposed to cure arthritis, osteoporosis, Parkinson's disease and chronic depression. I try to keep going. I can still drive, thank goodness. It is my lifesaver. I then get criticised for going out too much. I get frustrated that I cannot do DIY and gardening and have to pay someone.
Sometimes I feel like giving up, the pain is excruciating. BUT NO ! they will not win. I will fight to see my one and only Grand daughter. She is wonderful.
Good Luck to you all
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