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7th Dec 2015 11:26:14
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I was reared by my Grandparents owing to my Mothers premature Demise & Grandpa would Not under any condition Allow the Tree (which had to be Holly ) into th e house until Christmas Eve , It was then a scuffle to decorate it With paper garlands Milk Bottle tops & anything else that was bright & Shiny, It was then Early to bed & early to rise as we lived on a Farm-- After morning milking & foddering the herd- Pigs- Chickens- etc ALL had to be attended to prior to our Breakfast
& the opening of The presents that were under the Tree-- Mostly Underpants- New Blazer for school- Shoes--Sorry Boots! granddad wouldn't waste money on shoes---- But One year I got A Meccano set!! -Kept me occupied for Months on dark winter nights Because we hadn't even got electricity -Never mind a TV- & What Was a Laptop ? & you took a Tablet when you were Ill 😉
After Lunch The Animals had to be attended to again & the evening Milking done - Then Family &
Neighbours got together for a drink ( or Two) prior to a whopping great Supper round the Kitchen
Table-- Just a few memories of Christmas as a Youngster in the 1950s
Response from Lionel made on 3rd Nov 2016 16:52:44
Mine was so similar, Shunter! Thank you for bring back that memory.
Response from cosytoes made on 4th Dec 2018 00:08:22
What a lovely story, I am imagining it all. I bet you had great breakfasts. I am grateful to the farmers who work so hard, in all weathers without complaint,
27th Jul 2018 10:38:32
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Only 151 days to Christmas.
Yes it is vastly commercialised but you don't have to spend, spend, spend, You don't have to be sucked into the vortex. Go back to the simple things you used to do. If you stick to your guns, relatives and friends will eventually see where you are coming from and respect your wishes.
Bring back the magic by either enjoying the childlike aspect of living vicariously through your grandchildren or by just doing you..........

I personally do not "do" Christmas as I am not religious but still love to see my grandchildren's joy.
1st Aug 2017 19:44:52
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Already seen Christmas items on a certain shopping channel, how long before the cards are in the shops. Will be sick of seeing it all long before Christmas, the magic has gone in a sea of commercialism.
4th Nov 2016 09:43:58
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People have been on about this for at least the last 70 years, I quite like to see the shops dress up for yuletide and the music and I am sure that the children do too, children see the seasons in a very very different way to adults.
Do you think that it is adults that can spoil yuletide for children, you go in to a store and you often hear --what would you like for Christmas - rather than listen to the child over the last few weeks to get a idea and then go and get a chance for a surprise gift.

I think that yuletide ( Christmas ) is for children and have a lot of adults forgotten that.
3rd Nov 2016 18:21:31
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I dislike Christmas and I don't celebrate it. It has nothing to do with Christ Jesus. Who was not born on 25th December. My father died on Christmas day another reason I dislike it. It's aĺl spend spend spend.and indulging in over eating and drinking. Finally the amount of Turkey's killed and dogs dumped at this time of year is to see for words
3rd Nov 2016 18:17:13
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I agree with a lot of the comments about Christmases past, can't beat a bit of nostalgia ,but what memories are we creating for our grandchildren ? It's up to parents to explain why it's not acceptable to ask for all the latest must haves , my granddaughter understands the concept of greed and that she will get little gifts that are unexpected surprises .We can create our own traditions for instance I give her a bauble for the tree ever year so by the time she leaves home she has enough to decorate her own tree.
24th Dec 2015 07:52:37
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Response from Lionel made on 3rd Nov 2016 16:50:42
A very belated reply, Scandiman. You describe a modern Christmas rather well. We now have one half of my wife's family over for a good Christmas meal, the other half is too successful, too arrogant because of that success and doesn't want to know his mum anymore. She's now beneath him.

As for church, I don't go anymore either, haven't been in twenty five years. My wife is in the same place, yet we both maintain a full Christian life without a Pastor lording it over us.
3rd Nov 2016 12:50:45
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The commercialised Christmas does little to remind us of what it is really about. Back to basics to celebrate the birth of Jesus
Response from Dollie made on 3rd Nov 2016 15:50:38
Xmas is pagan, a man made celebration it has nothing to do with Jesus being born!
Response from Lionel made on 3rd Nov 2016 16:28:40
You're quite right Dollie, but so is Easter! The origins of that are the Asherah poles, a part of the Baal religions.

As for any other commanded feast, we just ignore them; Pentecost, Succoth, Simcha Torah, they all serve to make for a very rich social and spiritual calendar. We're the poorer for ignoring this stuff.
Response from Lionel made on 3rd Nov 2016 16:45:06
We've lost sight of almost everything spiritual earlier generations held dear. Denise, I quite agree with you, but in private, my wife and I have not.
3rd Nov 2016 16:25:52
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I fully agree, its overkill, by the time xmas gets here I am heartily fed up with it, what with the incessant adverts,and xmas songs played on the radio and in shops, its way over the top. I wouldn't mind if it all started a couple of weeks before, but it builds up from October, and then there,s the manic last minute shopping ( mainly food ) and the few late presents even though most of the shops are only shut for 24 hrs ? but we want every fine detail covered eh !.. I got out of it all when I divorced by going away to a hotel every xmas,.usually in Torquay, so no cooking, or washing up here,. as everything is done for me , meals , evening entertainment, indoor swimming pools, and a lovely walk along the beach on xmas morning, coming back for Xmas lunch and drink or two, that does me nicely !.... and who said ....Bah Humbug ? ooh...I did I guess !
Response from Lionel made on 3rd Nov 2016 16:43:07
Tom what we've had for years now is an expansion on the Christmas paraded by Dickens. It's all about parading our affluence and influence in front of friends and family. Nothing to do with me mate! I have neither affluence nor influence.

I am a spiritual man, a praying man, and so refuse to engage with the highly commercialised and very expensive jamboree which is now known as Christmas. We have family over for a meal, a good meal I cook, a few drinks and that's it.

And yes, I'm now known as a tight wad!
27th Mar 2016 13:36:13
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I love Santa Claus so much I re wrote a beautiful story on him. It is free online at
It will make kids believe for another two years.
30th Jan 2016 09:35:12
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I loved Christmas but now things have changed so much.It is way to comercialised now .I loved the build up to Christmas Watching lovely films on tv but there never seems to be much on tv now. The shops start selling things for Christmas to soon I think.
17th Nov 2015 16:49:32
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ve the advent of commercial tele killed the magic of Christmas, and probably ended childhood as we new it. For the majority of people and children its Christmas every week no anticipating Father Christmas, children picking presents from catologues, no once ayear chicken , now weekly from the supermarket. Im 71 and firmly believe that all in all we had the benefit of innocent childhood and the magic of anticipation that's gone in the present day.
Response from Kezziedog made on 26th Nov 2015 15:42:38
Yes you are right it was the "magic of anticipation" that made Christmas .... we had little as we grew up .... so Christmas was very special .... the surprise of toys and food and chocolates . Today kids want vouchers, and "plague" parents for expensive "gimmicks" that most parent just cannot afford, and spend the next part of the year paying off.
Response from Cessie made on 15th Dec 2015 15:24:56
I totally agree we used to get away to a country where the meaning of Christmas was so different than here the families could be seen taking the tree home Christmas Eve the children would decorate it while the grown ups prepared the celebration meal. Like magic the lights would come on in the outdoor trees down the mountain side Christmas Eve it was fairyland. None of this manic shop till you drop culture.
Personally since I lost my husband I dislike everything about this time of year & cannot wait for New Years Day to arrive when I take a deep breath and say " Come on old girl snap out of it and get on with life" .
Response from Lee40 made on 26th Jan 2016 12:52:20
How right you are. The young people seemed to have lost so much but don't know it. How sad .
26th Jan 2016 12:50:08
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I think the spirit of Xmas isn't what it used to be. My grandchildren give their perants shopping lists and are very expectant. The surprises seem to have gone. The excitement of Xmas morning , opening presents that was great fun but now it is all too commercialised. We seem to have become an I want society. It would b lovely to turn the clock back to how it used to be. As for the meaning of Xmas that seems to have diminished. I love the old type Xmas.
4th Jan 2016 14:43:38
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4th of January & Easter Eggs have been spotted in sainsbugs !! Hurry !! or you'll miss 'em ;-))
4th Dec 2015 11:02:01
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I thought I would try to bring back some of the magic of Christmas so I went to choose a tree with my sister and great nephews. There was a wonderful grotto with the old fellow in red with his elves. Much to everyones surprise I beat the children to be first on Santas knee. (must have been the mulled wine) .Poor Santa.
1st Dec 2015 15:28:26
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Yes I agree, life now consists of children having and being given the latest commercial advertised TV gifts and it happens because parents are competing to get what everyone is taking about, almost 50 years ago my boys were so excited with games and toys that kept their attention and yet cost very little, the real joy has gone x
20th Nov 2015 12:47:43
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Xmas means very little as a religious time of year these days........More of a huge commercial gimmick starting in August.
At least in my day religion was taught in school ( whether we liked it or not), and children said prayers and sang hymns. Non-Protestants did not have to partake if they desired, but many did so.
I found it quite unbelievable to watch teenage children attending this year's Remembrance Service unable to follow the service in any way or able to sing the hymns, which they appeared to have no knowledge of at all.
Many there had attended the attached church school!
17th Oct 2015 08:33:24
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Not in our house it hasn't ,
But it's some times, the little things that make the season sparkle, not throwing money at it. !!
26th Sep 2015 05:06:31
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Whatever the occasion is these days, If it can be commercially over killed for the sake of making money, it will be.
Response from Riolassy made on 16th Oct 2015 05:56:30
Yes, its such a shame when true value is unimportant, kicked aside for something to show off with. There have been at least 2 generations now that have been commercially lead. I hope it will change back to better values, but afraid I wont be here to see it.
12th Oct 2015 13:53:18
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The over-commercialisation of Christmas hasn't quite killed off the magic for me. I don't have children or grand-children but I still start, at this time of the year to anticipate playing Christmas music, seeking out Christmas treats of food and scouring the Radio Times for little festive gems.
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