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What is the most useless object you have ever bought?

I bought a new pack of fairly expensive clothes pegs last month hoping to peg out my laundry when the weather improves only to find that each one I have tried to use has snapped in half!

Not only a waste of money but extremely frustrating.

I'm sure, like me, many of you have bought lots of useless objects over the years, whether expensive or cheap, big or small, it would be lovely to hear your stories. Melina 🙂

Created By on 31/03/2020

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28th May 2020 03:12:33
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Wow, these are really funny. Makes me feel better about some idiot buys I've made in the past.....The most recent that comes to mind were a pair of sandals( I guess you'd call them ). They are made of some kind of plastic with flowery like attachment on top and a hot pink color. OMG what possessed me .....first of all they have literally no soles so zero support so can't walk anywhere in them. Listen to this though...I've hung onto them thinking I may be sitting on a patio someplace warm drinking a margarita/pina colada/glass of wine ( you get the idea...fill in the blanks !) and wearing this oh so stunning footwear. Being waited on of course so I don't have to get up and try to walk ( most likely stumble after the drinks session ) . Just flipping the shoes around on my feet for maximum effect. Hmmmm...they are starting to sound rather useful now ?
sunglasses nanna
10th Apr 2020 20:40:48 (Last activity: 10th Apr 2020 22:54:41)
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After having a brain tumour removed I spent all my pension money on 3 static caravans. Was told by Dr. this is quite common behaviour after frontal lobe brain tumour removed. Wish someone had told me before I spent all my money. They are up for sale now but I’ll lose thousands and while we are in the current situation the parks are closed so no viewers
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 10th Apr 2020 22:54:41
Hi sunglasses nanna,

Welcome and many thanks for your first comment in our Forum.

If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

If you are looking for some lively discussions, head on over to the Forum homepage to see what's trending right now and feel free to join in the discussions, with all our friendly members, perhaps ask a question or even start your own post.

9th Apr 2020 13:50:55
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I bought a gadget that is supposed to scrub all kinds of things, battery powered, with several different size heads. The TV ad showed a man expertly scrubbing the bathroom wall tiles and I thought "that is the very thing for me, just the ticket!" ...I thought!
I charged it for at least a day and then had a go, all it did was to bounce off every surface, it is now in the darkest recesses of my cupboard which is a black hole for things like this.
Sally - Silversurfer's Editor
2nd Apr 2020 10:37:37 (Last activity: 9th Apr 2020 12:40:06)
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A couple of years ago I invested in an ice-cream machine that allows you to make your own ice-creams and sorbets ... used it a couple of times with all good intention to make my own, but it is gathering dust in a cupboard!! 🙂
Response from Rodders20 made on 2nd Apr 2020 13:04:03
I have many items in the 'cupboard graveyard'.

I am kicking myself that I ditched my bread maker! Perhaps we should all dust off our forgotten items and gibe them another chance?!
Response from 50strong made on 7th Apr 2020 19:26:16
I wish I could find one of those. Being in the house these past weeks I would definitely make good use of it now.
Response from Helen Highwater made on 9th Apr 2020 12:40:06 > @Rodders20
You'd have to be able to buy flour though, Rodders20 - rarer than hen's teeth in my neck of the woods!
Helen Highwater
9th Apr 2020 12:38:19
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Some years ago, getting over-excited at the arrival of a new Lakeland catalogue, I put together my order but needed something to take it past that magic "free delivery" amount. I chose a device that allowed you to whip cream and then pipe it. No more enthusiastic cream-whipping (liberally splashing the nearby tiles), no more spooning it into a bag with a nozzle that you'd put in just slightly off-centre, no more cream bulging from the top of the bag because you weren't holding it properly - who could live without such an implement?

It didn't work .... No matter how much and how long I shook the wretched thing, the cream remained resolutely unwhipped! What a waste of money; but if you have one and it works really well, please don't tell me!
9th Apr 2020 11:52:24
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I went to IKEA probably 12 yrs ago and bought 2 dozen containers about the size of a medium plant pot. The had moulded fixing hooks, and I thought they would be great in the garage, fixed to the wall storing different size screws, and they were only 30p each.
They are still sat in a stack in the garage somewhere because every time I tried to screw one to the wall the bracket snapped.
9th Apr 2020 11:34:41
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I bought a gadget that is supposed to help fasten a bracelet around your wrist. I couldn't get the hang of it and ended up throwing it away. I find I cant be bothered with bracelets now, unless they slip over the wrist.
9th Apr 2020 09:54:18
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After dealing with my late father's estate, which I'm convinced aged me at least 5 years in the 2 years it took, I bought myself a couple of expensive 'rejuvenation' electrical facial gadgets. Did I open the boxes other than to read the instructions? I did not. Thank goodness for Freecycle.
4th Apr 2020 19:33:00
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I bought an Austin minor I think it was 50 years ago and it was a total heap
31st Mar 2020 11:40:22 (Last activity: 3rd Apr 2020 20:21:35)
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I didn't buy him but my ex husband was pretty useless !
Response from MollyUK made on 31st Mar 2020 19:48:04
ecarg, you may not have bought him but you probably paid dearly in many other ways (been there, done that, got the grubby t-shirt). ;>
Response from elgin52 made on 2nd Apr 2020 09:43:36 > @MollyUK
Casual sexism. Not all men are a waste of space.
Response from Rodders20 made on 2nd Apr 2020 12:17:31 > @elgin52
But we work very hard at it! 😉
Response from Escarg made on 3rd Apr 2020 20:21:35 > @elgin52
I said my ex husband not all mem
I'm surr plenty of you have brilliant husbands and are equally brilliant wives
31st Mar 2020 11:23:48 (Last activity: 2nd Apr 2020 14:13:59)
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Ooh yes, I'm sure there are plenty but one that immediately springs to mind were a pair of so called 'waterproof' trainers that were not waterproof at all! Every time I walked through wet grass my feet were soaked through. I couldn't return them to the shop though as I had bought them during a dry spell and so didn't notice until I had well and truly worn them in. Grrrr

And another bad buy were a pair of hold up tights that didn't hold up for more than 10 minutes. I looked like Nora Battie for most of the day!
Response from Melina - Assistant Editor Original Poster made on 31st Mar 2020 12:00:09
Yes, I had a pair of those hold-ups once, I agree they were pretty rubbish!
Response from Rodders20 made on 2nd Apr 2020 12:23:55
Mabel, I have also been through my fair share of "Waterproof" footwear and even with all this modern technology - Goretex and such like, you really can't beat a pair of good old leather boots - if looked after will fit like a dream and keep your feet dry for decades!
Response from Mabel06 made on 2nd Apr 2020 12:56:25 > @Rodders20
Good tip Rodders20. I now wear proper walking boots, whatever the weather but haven't owned a pair of leather ones since I was in my 20's as I found them rather heavy. But when this lock down is over I'll certainly try some new leather ones, there may well be some that are lighter now than years ago.
Response from Wilf made on 2nd Apr 2020 14:13:59 > @Rodders20
I have an arthritic toe so can only wear training shoes most of the time
2nd Apr 2020 12:20:28
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I once bought an electric can opener - it took longer to attach it to the can than actually using a handheld one to open a can.

Yet it still sits at the back of a cupboard somewhere, in the vein hope that it might come into it's own one day!
2nd Apr 2020 10:45:07
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Shame you dont use your ice cream maker Sally, i love mine, makes some wonderful soft ice cream, my children think the best ice-cream they have ever tasted.
31st Mar 2020 19:45:30 (Last activity: 2nd Apr 2020 08:03:34)
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I bought a pair of miracle scissors from a door-to-door salesman. He claimed they would cut everything, even a coin. To prove it, he cut a 10p piece in half. I coughed up a fiver and have since learned that these miracle scissors will cut NOTHING except coins....
Response from Melina - Assistant Editor Original Poster made on 1st Apr 2020 12:14:20
That made me chuckle MollyUK - thank you 🙂
Response from Wilf made on 2nd Apr 2020 08:03:34
How on earth can you cut a 10p piece? Was he a magician or total con artist?
2nd Apr 2020 08:02:20
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Probably a phone recharger that simply didn't do its job. I sent it straight back
1st Apr 2020 12:04:03 (Last activity: 1st Apr 2020 12:16:03)
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Response from Melina - Assistant Editor Original Poster made on 1st Apr 2020 12:16:03
What a shame! That must have been so frustrating for you.
31st Mar 2020 20:27:51 (Last activity: 1st Apr 2020 09:37:10)
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The worst thing I ever bought was a nine hole lesson with a golf pro. He may have been a good golfer but he was a dreadful teacher. He allowed me to take a few golf shots but instead of describing ways for me to improve he demonstrated...basically playing each hole himself ...explaining how well he hit each shot...before the nine holes had been completed I was so embarrassed at having wasted so much money that I didn’t have the courage to say anything at all. Never again.
Response from Sue - Silversurfers Assistant Editor made on 1st Apr 2020 09:37:10
Oh dear HPC, what a shame nothing worse than someone blowing their own trumpet all the time... and a bit difficult to ask for your money back at the end too. Well I hope you enjoy silversurfers and you something that interests you on our speaker's corner.
Best wishes

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