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Morning from a silver-surfing Yorkshire lass who is spending too many days not speaking to anyone - but the walls.

Woke up this morning; to the sound of rain pattering on my window - thinking about another long day in splendid isolation. Hence my exploration into online chat forums.

Have I come to the right place for some interesting conversations? I shall be 64 next month. Have recently semi-retired.

My children are now out in the world and I wouldn't dream of bothering them. But life seems so very different now (from the last 20 years as a teacher) and I'm not used to uncertainty.

Things to chat about - I love reading, acquired an allotment last year which has been great, and I absolutely love walking (but not in the rain). Hoping to make some new friends.

Created By on 28/01/2021

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25th Jul 2021 17:08:18
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I know that feeling, I have recently got a little dog, and he helps, it's nice to get out with him, maybe exchange a few words with someone, but it's not the same as having a person there. I've had people say, "why don't you go to places, you have a car", but to be honest, my reply is, "going to places isn't the same when you're on your own". I'm not being defeatist with that statement, but it just isn't the same.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 25th Jul 2021 18:34:41
Hi Wuffler,

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Response from Ariadne made on 8th Aug 2021 10:12:50
If you take your dog with you, people will always want to chat with your dog, what better excuse to start a conversation, I always ask a dog owner if it is O.K to have a chat with their dog, no one has never said no, then the conversation includes a human. Easy peasy. Off you go, Practice what I preach !!!!!!
Response from Wuffler made on 8th Aug 2021 16:55:11 > @Ariadne
Hi Ariadne,

Its true enough, that some people will stop and exchange a few words, occasionally a little more than that. It's difficult, I have had single women stop and make a fuss of my dog, I guess because he's small, but I'm always wary of coming across as desperate. I have initiated conversations occasionally, but its usually over quickly, as people have to get on with their lives I guess. Thank you for your advice, I will definitely keep it in mind.
3rd Oct 2021 20:58:27
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As Pauline Collins said.... ‘ HELLO WALL”!
9th Aug 2021 14:40:29 (Last activity: 2nd Oct 2021 15:22:28)
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Hi there. My walls are great conversationalists….they never argue, never disagree and are always available. Just as well since, like you, I don’t hassle my children and am retired from teaching.
I’m doing a good line of chat with my sunflowers just now!
The allotment sounds great. Dani.
Response from Wuffler made on 18th Aug 2021 15:03:18
Hi Dani, not tried the walls as yet, I somehow think they will be boring. My dog listens, sometimes, though his head is mainly full of food and when is the next walk. I'm in Co Durham, there doesn't seem to be much activity on here in this area. I had a nice holiday in the Peak District a few years back, it's a very pretty area. My favourite area to visit is The Lake District, though it's becoming so commercialised these days. Oh well, enough rambling for one day.
Response from Dani made on 18th Aug 2021 15:35:14
Hello Wuffler…guessing it’s not actually your given name, unless you had parents with a curious sense of humour! I’m only a short drive from the Peak District and my dog and I frequently go walking there. My new addition is another Labrador, a puppy called Flora, as yet too small to tackle more than a stroll.
I love the Lakes too, hard to imagine anyone not, but only out of season now.
Like the play on ‘rambling’….I’m easily entertained.
Response from Wuffler made on 2nd Oct 2021 15:22:28 > @Dani
Hello again Dani, sorry it's taken so long to reply, still getting my head around how this works, I find it to be not very intuitive. You're right about the name, it's a farming term, in my area anyway, to wuffle is to turn the cut grass to enable it to dry out before baling, if that makes any sense. No I'm not a farmer! Your labrador sounds great, they are such a lovely natured dog. I have a 6 month old Jack Russell, and to say he's a handful would be a gross understatement. I do love him though so...I get out walking with him every day, I do enjoy walking, though where I am means you have to drive to find the nice areas. Oh well enough from me, say woof to Flora!
4th Sep 2021 07:24:55
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I would like to chat with you Lottiebell, understand exactly how you feel. I have just commented to someone else who feels the same as us, I feel adrift, all the activities I did with people, dried up apart from one lot of friends, I see them once a week for a few hours. Going to a local church, I don’t frequent it, that are having a meet up this morning for other like minded people so will see how it goes, I might be out in 1/2 hour.
Love reading, gardening and walking but unable to do so for the last few months. Also I like tv. The soaps, documentaries, Long Lost Relatives but not Davinia McCall. Davinia and Amanda Holden, find it difficult viewing,
I don’t know if you can send private messages on here or whether everything is viewed by everyone, hopefully I will find out.
Geoff J
24th Aug 2021 04:40:47
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Hi Lottiebell, I am new here too,floundering my way around here as I learn how it works...
I must admit to loving the sound of rain pattering on my windows, though my frames are set deap into the brickwork in my house, depriving me in all but the most wind driven rainfall.
What did you teach,if I may ask, and have you had success with your allotment?
23rd Aug 2021 19:45:47 (Last activity: 23rd Aug 2021 20:39:41)
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I am also in semi retirement. But from farming. Which basically means from 80 hours to 40...but it seems so odd. My 0nly child, though close (hour away) tries to keep in touch. I do volunteer work, but have no real close friends because 34 years of hard work left little spare time.. I love nature walks. helping the underdog and just talking to anyone. Much to the ire of people in my daughters elevator I am sure.
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 23rd Aug 2021 20:39:41
Hi KarenFarmGirl,

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3rd Mar 2021 19:47:48 (Last activity: 15th Aug 2021 14:48:34)
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Hey there goes things?

Where are you in the White Rose county? I'm in Derbyshire....The Peak District....and only a few miles from the border.

I know that feeling very well....hmmm what to do today? Since kind of retiring at 62....I was/am a psychotherapist, but don't let that worry you :)....I've found the isolation a real struggle at times and now my son is off to uni this year....not going to be easy 🙁

Anyway if you want a chat...or anyone else!!....please contact me
Response from Elaine06 made on 15th Aug 2021 12:07:28
Hi just around. Where in Derbyshire are you? I’m not far from Derbyshire (I’m in Nottinghamshire but very close to the Derbyshire border). The Peak District is beautiful, some spectacular scenery. I love it.
I’m kind of retired too. I was a teacher but do some exam board work now, not that there’s been so much of that for the last two years. I quite like having the odd (as in occasional not strange!) bit of work now and again without the pressure of getting up for work every Monday. Who wants that feeling?!
Response from justaround made on 15th Aug 2021 14:48:34 > @Elaine06
Hi Elaine...well I'm surprised, but pleased, to get a reply on the site as it seems pretty dead to me.
I live in The Hope Valley...about 6 miles from Sheffield...and you're right it's a beautiful part of the country round here. I was so lucky to spend lockdown here and not in Manchester where I moved from around two years ago. I only have to walk 5mins from my front door and I'm in the open countryside.
The only downside to life here is the occasional internet breakdown...every time there's a storm!...and the amount of locally produced food. It's all very nice but a diet of pork pies, cheese, cakes and pulled pork sandwiches is hell to burn off!

An 'odd' bit of work is a good thing surely

A bit more info re me...64yrs old. Live alone but have my 18yr old son staying a lot of the time. I walk a lot in the hills, cycle a lot, play table tennis and chess and work as and when I wish.

More about you maybe?

23rd Jun 2021 17:13:23 (Last activity: 15th Aug 2021 11:57:47)
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Hi. Your post caught my eye because you sound like a positive person. I was a teacher too and am pretty much retired - the bit of work I still do is not in the classroom! I'm always up for some interesting conversation so drop me a reply if you feel like chatting. I've only just signed up for this so am something of a novice, although I reckon chatting online can't be that dissimilar to face-to-face chatting. I live in Nottinghamshire but often visit East Yorkshire as have a holiday lodge there. It might not be close to you as I do appreciate that Yorkshire is a rather large county! Hope to hear from you,
Response from Ariadne made on 8th Aug 2021 10:05:31
Hi ,your post caught MY eye ,because you have something that I am looking for .A lodge , a bolt hole ,somewhere to go to and not have to return home ,the same day .Searching for a bed for the night ,sort of takes the pleasure out of going further than 20 miles. Is your lodge ,woodland ,or coastal. Being a totally spontaneous type , In the head ,,,in the car ,and off I go .Driving is number one on my permanent bucket list . with beaches number two.
The only fault with this sort of "chatting " is that people stop ,without even saying ta ra . and I much prefer visual . to typing ,which I'm rubbish at ,
Response from Lr5099 made on 9th Aug 2021 00:05:31 > @Ariadne
Response from Elaine06 made on 15th Aug 2021 11:57:47 > @Ariadne
Great to hear from you. Thanks for replying.
I know what you mean about the typing. Even after years of using keyboards I still resort to the ‘hunt and peck’ approach. I tend to use my phone so have a chance with predictive text at least. That sometimes go badly wrong too!
I’m at my lodge now. It’s about 3 miles from the East Yorkshire coast, in a lovely spot overlooking a lake. It’s very calming and peaceful and a quiet site. I’m currently sitting watching the Moorhens and Canada Geese come and go on the lake. I certainly have a better view here than I do from my window at home. It’s very relaxing. Where are you thinking about having your lodge? Most of the people have on this site are from other parts of Yorkshire, but then, as I said before, Yorkshire is a very big county and definitely diverse in its landscapes.
Hope you’re having a good day today.
29th May 2021 03:43:19 (Last activity: 9th Aug 2021 00:02:01)
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Yes, we all need interesting conversation. Dont be lonely - fight back.
Response from Ariadne made on 8th Aug 2021 10:15:32
Right -----Lr5099-----Put '''em up "
Response from Lr5099 made on 9th Aug 2021 00:02:01 > @Ariadne
Hello Ariadne, Where are you from and how do you pronounce your name? Just curious.
26th Jun 2021 18:17:11 (Last activity: 9th Jul 2021 19:26:01)
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Hello, I've just found myself single after a long time. I moved area too and it's quite hard to meet new people. I like travel, socialising and like you I'm semi retired but I think I need a part time job to keep me sane!
Response from JoannieF59 made on 8th Jul 2021 19:56:06
Hi, Yes my job keeps me sane. I look forward to retirement but also dread it. I am divorced so on my own, kids got own lives. I find the older you get the harder it is to make new friends.
Response from Lakejinny made on 9th Jul 2021 19:11:47 > @JoannieF59
I've pushed myself out of my comfort zone. Ive joined a badminton group and walking football. Anything I can find to get out of the house at the moment. I'm 64 too but certainly don't feel it, I think it's a bit harder for women, I would perhaps go to a pub for a bit of company if I was a man.
Response from JoannieF59 made on 9th Jul 2021 19:26:01 > @Lakejinny
That's good, gets you out of the house. I don't think we have any groups around here but maybe I just haven't looked. Mind you the pubs are mostly empty these days. I love the theatre so maybe I will see if I can do some volunteering there. I am 52 so got 4 years left in work.
8th Jul 2021 19:54:12
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Hi , it is hard when you live alone. At present I still work full-time so am glad for some peace and quiet in the evening but did find it a long lonely time during lockdown. Hopefully your allotment will be good at helping you make new friends.
I enjoy walking when I get the chance and also enjoy reading but not a fan of gardening, can never tell the difference between flower or weed.
29th May 2021 03:41:13
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Read something interesting that will ease.the boredom. 🙂
29th May 2021 03:38:44
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No reason to worry, unless you hear the walls talking back.
21st May 2021 16:08:39
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Hi. Yes, talking to other people. It's a thing we used to do in the olden days when we were allowed to go outside. I haven't been strong enough during the pandemic and sort of let everything go. Both physical and mental health. Self isolating for 14 months was awful. But things are getting better and its 4 weeks today since I had my second vaccine. I'm not self shielding any more but still wearing a mask outside. No thoughts of going in pubs or restaurants yet or even thinking of going abroad.
20th May 2021 17:29:29
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Hi, I’m trying to work all this out. Just looking to chat too. The days can be long when there is little to do. Try to keep my spirits up when I can
20th May 2021 12:02:54 (Last activity: 20th May 2021 13:16:19)
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Sorry I’ve just joined this and your post was the first thing to pop up. Perhaps you could reply if you get it...just to help me find my way about. Thank you
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 20th May 2021 13:16:19
Hi Codymitz,

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8th Apr 2021 15:22:31
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During the Covid crisis I have become very appreciative of my strong inner life. Always been the same since childhood - happy to be with people, but equally happy to be alone doing stuff I love: reading, writing, drawing, gardening, reading, craft work, listening to jazz & classical music, watching the old Smiley films, sticking my tongue out at the rain, oh and did I mention reading . . .?
I feel low and somewhat isolated for a while every day but am soon back up and running because most of my interests are fairly solitary anyway. I feel so sorry these days for people who lack mental self-sufficiency. It must be horrendous for them, not even able to ask a friend round for a cuppa.
Chins up, though, people. It could be SO much worse.
12th Mar 2021 13:51:16 (Last activity: 12th Mar 2021 14:08:17)
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I just joined and I didn’t realize until after that it is in the UK hi however live in Nova Scotia Canada I hope that’s OK
Response from Sally - Silversurfer's Editor made on 12th Mar 2021 14:08:17
Hi DarleneRasmussen,

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If you already know your way around, then we will leave you to it.

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12th Mar 2021 13:49:08
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I totally understand! I am talking to myself more and more.
27th Feb 2021 00:11:24
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Hi! I'm a retired teacher, also finding lockdown tricky, also talking to walls.... I'm lucky that I have a sister bubble and two fabulous children who are in good touch and keep me sane so I know I should be grateful.....but these are strange times!
I'm in a Book Group( obviously we haven't actually met now for nearly a year) love to read, have a passion for the Tudors and when it was legal, loved to swim...
I only have a small courtyard garden but I try to make it productive.
Sometimes, the lockdown evenings can be tedious no matter how determined/self sufficient one tries to be! Sending best wishes..
Happy to chat.
24th Feb 2021 23:26:29
Thanks for voting!
Hello? I'm also new to this site, retired, loving retirement, hating lockdown. Happy to chat anytime ( literally...I'm a very bad sleeper!)
Best wishes from Lancashire
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