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Profile pictures

Why do so many people join groups and don't put a profile picture up of themselves? It's like talking to yourself so please put one up if you want a response

Created By on 27/09/2016

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28th Sep 2016 11:40:03
Thanks for voting!
I understand why some people do not put a profile picture up, but hopefully mine is acceptable and makes people smile.
Response from Beany made on 28th Sep 2016 14:00:32
Not so bothered about photos but age and sex of newbies a must if you want replies I would think
Response from jeanmark made on 15th Oct 2016 11:14:19
I have only recently put a profile picture on but Beany why is it important to know age and gender?
Response from Ariadne made on 16th Oct 2016 09:06:53
Does it make a difference to what comes out of your mouth ,by disclosing age and gender ??
I would have thought you might be able to know ,by the content of the comments. BEANY
16th Dec 2020 19:23:36
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I like my profile picture because it reminds me of how drunk and stupid I was the the day after leaving hospital have had a stroke !!!
27th Sep 2016 17:29:39 (Last activity: 9th Mar 2019 22:17:40)
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I have to agree, like to see whom I'm chatting to
Response from Mortisha63 made on 27th Sep 2016 18:03:54
I've ended up side ways so maybe people gave up lol
Response from Joop made on 9th Mar 2019 22:17:40
Some of us don't like to see our own ugly mugs. Shame that's so important. It keeps failing to upload the avatar I wanted anyway
Tristan 48
3rd Jan 2018 21:29:07 (Last activity: 8th Mar 2019 09:46:11)
Thanks for voting!
There may be many justifiable reasons for there being no 'photo', but what I have noticed (on various sites) ,is that you can garuntee keyboard warriors/trolls will always have an anonymous 'avatar' to hide brave..!
Response from SueB412 made on 8th Mar 2019 09:46:11
I want to change mine but can't!
16th Oct 2016 16:38:17 (Last activity: 22nd Oct 2016 18:25:04)
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I am too good looking to put a profile picture up, I don't want to monopolise.
Response from Ariadne made on 19th Oct 2016 20:02:05
I believe this is a CHAT forum,, not a VIEWING forum,,, just assume that we are all
cute !!!!!
Response from Hateehc made on 22nd Oct 2016 18:25:04
I never assume anything as that makes an ass of u and me
16th Oct 2016 10:11:36 (Last activity: 16th Oct 2016 14:56:03)
Thanks for voting!
I am not sure there is a “need” to have photo on the page~ after all, we speak on the phone/text/email/write, etc, without having a visual image of the person/s at the other end.
And what about the visually impaired? They do not need/use visual images.
I do not think it fair say there will be no response if an image is not posted.
Response from Denys1954 made on 16th Oct 2016 14:56:03
You know Lily you have just given me food for thought. Perhaps it would be good if people could see you when they phone, it would certainly stop people ringing with these nuisance phone calls if I was to answer the phone naked every time, that would put off even the visually impared ha ha ha
29th Sep 2016 21:12:49 (Last activity: 16th Oct 2016 10:40:42)
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I don't know how to do it and not only that I've not got any up to date ones!
Response from Ariadne made on 16th Oct 2016 10:40:42
Jessica,,,,, are we bovvered what you look like ????? NO Just chat
1st Oct 2016 09:13:01 (Last activity: 16th Oct 2016 10:37:30)
Thanks for voting!
Yes that would be nice to know how. I went into the profile tried to change to a photo but the got a list of odd options. So randomly pressed a few got no further. So any hints?
Response from Ariadne made on 16th Oct 2016 10:37:30
Yes ,,,,,, be yourself ,,who actually cares what you look like, as long as you are verbal.
so,,,,,,, stop pressing buttons,,, or you may delete yourself before we know if you have
any attributes worth discussing !!!
27th Sep 2016 21:31:05 (Last activity: 16th Oct 2016 10:14:02)
Thanks for voting!
Response from DANYOU14 Original Poster made on 27th Sep 2016 21:32:39
Well said. I n my opinion when they have no pic it makes me wonder what they are hiding & from who !!!!
Response from lily49 made on 16th Oct 2016 10:14:02
You could have put up a photo that is Not of yourself, (and how would you know?), so that “reason”doesn’t really hold water!
27th Sep 2016 16:01:46 (Last activity: 15th Oct 2016 11:24:15)
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It's true it's nice to see who you are talking to but maybe some people just don't feel comfortable with it .
Response from art1935 made on 28th Sep 2016 14:19:59
well i put mine up but still no-one talks to me.or reads my story so i give up
Response from Mortisha63 made on 28th Sep 2016 16:36:29
Oh no I'm sorry to hear that but it takes a little while , people will though .
Response from jeanmark made on 15th Oct 2016 11:24:15
Sorry art1935, I'm sure people do read what you have written but maybe feel they do not need to respond. This shouldn't stop you as your opinions are just as important.
15th Oct 2016 08:12:06
Thanks for voting!
Don't suppose it has occurred to you ,that some of us don't know how. You don't get photos of
people who ring you up ..what's the difference.. !????
You probably won't get many responses with your attitude
1st Oct 2016 11:11:18
Thanks for voting!
Yours is great DANYOU14 but there are lots of profiles which don't say male or female and give no idea of age group.I am late 70s and don't expect to have much in common with "youngsters" so have to miss lots of contacts when no idea of age is given. A photo is nice but not necessary ( I haven't put one on my own profile,firstly because I don't know how to and secondly I don't want to frighten the children ! )
28th Sep 2016 23:26:38
Thanks for voting!
My photo is there for all to see, Hello folks my name is Patricia, I live in the UK, just moved to a new area called Milton Keynes and I'm feeling a bit isolated at the moment. Trying to get my home the way I like it, but doing it on your own is hard work, but I will get there sooner or later.
28th Sep 2016 16:03:05
Thanks for voting!
I have just read the 1st part of your story and found it very interesting. I can begin to understand how dreadful it must have been to live through a war I my self would have been terrified.

I'm not old enough to remember the war as I was born in 1956, but we had very little when we were kids and I think it made us appreciate what we do have today. Today the young ones get everything given and don't even have to do chores, which is why we have such a lot of bone idle young people who won't work.

Don't be put off by having little response to your posts on here as I think the site is just very slow in general.
Over Seventy
28th Sep 2016 12:49:50
Thanks for voting!
I'm new myself and are hoping to have a chat
28th Sep 2016 12:27:25
Thanks for voting!
I'll give anyone out there one minute to reply then I'm giving up this chat site and going to bed
28th Sep 2016 12:25:40
Thanks for voting!
Hello anybody out there!
28th Sep 2016 12:22:41
Thanks for voting!
New to all of this - not sure if I've pressed the right button, but I'm fairly good at pressing buttons!
27th Sep 2016 18:06:09 (Last activity: 27th Sep 2016 21:38:20)
Thanks for voting!
I think it's as much about anonymity as anything else. I may post something which I don't want family, friends/neighbours to see or know about so an ordinary avatar is better for me.
Response from DANYOU14 Original Poster made on 27th Sep 2016 21:38:20
That to me sounds so much like not voting but wanting to have your say when things don't turn out the way you wanted !!!!!
27th Sep 2016 15:40:47 (Last activity: 27th Sep 2016 21:35:19)
Thanks for voting!
Maybe they don't know how to Danyou.
Response from DANYOU14 Original Poster made on 27th Sep 2016 21:35:19
What a shame but if I can there's no reason others can't 🙁
27th Sep 2016 15:19:32 (Last activity: 27th Sep 2016 21:31:07)
Thanks for voting!
Response from DANYOU14 Original Poster made on 27th Sep 2016 21:31:07
I wish - hahah
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