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Migrant Problem at the Eurotunnel

Is it time we deployed the Army on the basis that in essence we are being invaded?

Created By on 06/08/2015

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23rd Jun 2016 18:23:57 (Last activity: 23rd Jun 2016 19:02:05)
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Britain had its Dad’s Army, the civil defence force made up of butchers, bakers, bank managers, WW1 soldiers and the odd young inadequate. Just ordinary men prepared to fight to the death for their families, towns and their nation. Britain was expecting an invasion from Germany at any time, and they planned to defend every inch of this Speared Isle.

So why are the young Islamic men not doing the same for their towns and nations? Why are so many running to the West instead of making a stand? Odd isn't it?
Response from Wilf made on 23rd Jun 2016 19:02:05
Think there are a lot of genuine migrants as Syria is such a disaster. Many people are trying to fight there but its no so simple as previous wars as there are so many factions. many of the young chaps are also economic migrants as their countries are in such a mess
7th Aug 2015 01:29:57 (Last activity: 23rd Jun 2016 18:38:43)
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Response from sdpware made on 17th Oct 2015 09:55:03
It is because of people like you, who don't want to make hard decisions, that we are in the state we find ourselves in. It sometimes takes great resolve to make the right decision.
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 23rd Jun 2016 18:38:43
Only the Armed Forces and Police can carry and use guns, what on earth do think security companies like G4S can do,we need guns and , rubber bullets ,tear gas etc to be available for use, not some minimum wage unarmed security bods.
19th Jun 2016 23:53:29 (Last activity: 20th Jun 2016 20:00:33)
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Hello is there anyone there ?
Response from georgesmum made on 20th Jun 2016 20:00:33
Don't think so!
25th Aug 2015 10:51:01 (Last activity: 20th Jun 2016 12:08:17)
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I think invaded is a bit strong. There are a few thousand migrants in Calais. What we need to do is to pull out the economic migrants from those who have genuine need and are from countries like Syria racked by war
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 19th Jun 2016 15:32:56
A few thousand you must be kidding, hundreds are arriving by sea on our coast in backs of lorries every month, there's probably thousands of immigrants living in London illegally right now.
Your next comment stating genuine immigrants from Syria should be allowed in,how do we know where they originate from, some maybe genuine some on forged papers, a few could be ISIS some claiming they lost their paperwork but claiming to be Syrian, how can we know for sure when dealing with thousands of people arriving at once.
Response from Frenchyjo made on 19th Jun 2016 17:14:13
Er, have you actually seen what Calais is like recently? Migrants have also been allowed to set up camp on the cliffs at Dieppe (nowhere near such a well-protected port as Calais nowadays) AND in Dunkirk.
You're right about the need to separate those in genuine need from the economic migrants and other undesirables but what's going to happen about the hundreds, probably thousands, who have already slipped in under the radar?
Response from Sweet Pea made on 19th Jun 2016 17:47:17
This seems to be an impossible task.
Response from Wilf made on 19th Jun 2016 21:07:18
well at least they are in France and unable to get to Blighty. What we need to do is just have a sensible immigration policy with say 100,000 net maximum people allowed in per annum
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 19th Jun 2016 23:01:38
Are you a Troll Wilf because I can't believe what you are saying here,unable to get to Blighty,do you actually live in the UK, they are coming over hidden in backs of lorries, brought in on private boats by people smugglers , if you live near the coast or one of our ports like I do you will know what I'm talking about.
Response from [deleted] made on 20th Jun 2016 09:48:30
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 20th Jun 2016 12:08:17
Perhaps a troll was not quite correct, more just totally naive about what is going on in the UK with immigrants , his opinions don't come into it,the facts do ,and some people like him just can't handle the truth .
19th Jun 2016 23:40:00
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Yes, the time has long past, there are plenty of ex-servicemen who could do the job but where would they be deployed? The immigrants are arriving on our beaches un-hindered now and apparently this has been going on for over twelve months. God help us all when the other five countries join, but hopefully we won't have the problem after Thursday
26th Oct 2015 12:44:48 (Last activity: 19th Jun 2016 23:29:43)
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That is really scarey sdpware and just confirms what I've thought for a long time. I wonder what our Government's agenda is? They are supposed to be intelligent people but yet, can't seem to see what is going on in our country, in fact, seem to be encouraging the 'infiltration'? I worry for my children and grandchildren to the point where I lie awake at night worrying about where we are going. Does anyone in authority listen to you now?
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 19th Jun 2016 22:41:51
The answer is NO because the government doesn't care !
Response from lindz64 made on 19th Jun 2016 23:29:43
You're quite right MorrisandDoris, it's the hidden agenda that worries me. They're making hay with the tragic death of Jo Cox which is disgusting, when we should be coming down on CaMoron and boy George for the massive cuts to Mental Health. The man arrested had mental health problems and apparently had been trying to see someone for months. The blood is on the hands of these two morons
8th Sep 2015 17:23:21 (Last activity: 19th Jun 2016 17:48:50)
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I really get fed up with people that say we do not do enough in this country. Drive around some areas and you would not know you are in England .We are losing our identity that's for sure.
I live near to a large elderly care home that was closed because of lack of funds. The poor folks were moved around some no longer near their family so their visits will be less.
Its now being reburbished for migrants.I am sorry but this does not sit easily with me. My grandfather fought for freedom for this country .I really fear what the next twenty years will bring.
Yes of course the pictures are distressing but we cannot be all things to all people if we ourselves want a decent country for our grandchildren and great grandchildren in the future.
When our old folks are being cared for & our NHS is not at threat & our council waiting list isn't 23,000 over the country. We could do more.
Response from lindz64 made on 26th Oct 2015 12:49:45
I couldn't agree more Cessie x
Response from Linda Reddin made on 6th Nov 2015 13:53:34
I totally agree Cessie, I live in Kent and we are paying thousands to home these immigrants and at the same time they are closing all our care homes or selling them off to private Companies. I will never vote for anyone who puts foreigners before our own elderly people. They have struggled through two world wars and have put up with so much hardship, but have put so much into this country.

We now have to have food banks for needy families, this is why we need to spend money on our own people. When we can afford to look after our own in safety and in health, then we can look to help others.
Response from Sweet Pea made on 19th Jun 2016 17:48:50
Absolutely agree with you.
nagonthenet Original Poster
7th Aug 2015 09:25:50 (Last activity: 19th Jun 2016 17:45:46)
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They certainly did not enter the Eu in GB so need to be pushed back to wherever. We are overcrowded and we cannot afford services for the people who paid taxes to have them e.g.
£30k wiped off my pension (now can't get it until I'm 66) and I'm a carer and my husband gets
nothing after losing job when he had a big heart op. So I am not sympathetic to these people at
all. Many are not Refugees from conflict but economic migrants. We have huge jobless figures
here and many in jobs way below their real pay grade or part time. We need no more people to
make these problems worse. Housing and education - that's another area where we are falling
short and more people to make matters worse is becoming unmanageable. Then there is the
health risk. TB, Ebola etc do you want that here?
Nothing against immigration in the right context (I am the daughter of an immigrant fleeing from
religious persecution) but this country is FULL. Close the borders to EVERYONE.
Response from Marley444 made on 7th Aug 2015 11:43:15
I have to say I do agree with a lot of what you say ... our services are stretched to the maximum, especially schools and the health service and dentists too. I feel guilty not wanting to help but the line needs to be drawn. We have been over generous in the past, in allowing our country to be diluted .... it's a very tricky and sensitive subject without an easy solution in sight.
Response from Wilf made on 7th Aug 2015 14:00:37
Difficult question. A lot of these people are very desperate but on the other hand amongst them are economic immigrants who want to work in the UK. I do not think they should be let in a we have so many people here anyway and only need highly trained specialists and professionals.
Response from Wilf made on 21st Aug 2015 21:52:40
Its a very difficult one-if the boot was on the other foot and we were feeling can we deal with all these poor people. There are thousands trying to get into Macedonia at the moment and beyond
Response from parsnip54 made on 28th Mar 2016 09:36:08
Having followed your comments I feel compelled to let you know that I agree with you. We are an island that is at saturation point and it is time we consider our own future before we have no control over it at all.
Response from Sweet Pea made on 19th Jun 2016 17:45:46
Totally agree with everything you said.
19th Jun 2016 15:09:16 (Last activity: 19th Jun 2016 17:44:21)
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We can start by voting out of the EU then employ some real security at our ports and coastline and try to elect a government that will fight for the UK and not just their expense claims .
Response from Sweet Pea made on 19th Jun 2016 17:42:16
Absolutely, if we don't control this situation we are completely lost. It's no use our country going downhill and allowing all these immigrants to come in. The trouble lies with who the hell we can trust to actually monitor our borders.
Response from Sweet Pea made on 19th Jun 2016 17:44:21
Really like that comment!
21st Nov 2015 18:04:17 (Last activity: 19th Jun 2016 17:43:17)
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The problem could be solved by forming a Dad's Army of patriots armed with baseball bats, croquet mallets and cricket bats. If they were stationed at the tunnel entrance, not even a mouse would get through.
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 19th Jun 2016 15:12:56
No, guns would be better !
Response from Sweet Pea made on 19th Jun 2016 17:43:17
Bit drastic, but I do know where you are coming from.
8th Dec 2015 22:06:52
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The problem has arisen because the French are pushing the immigrants, as they don't want them, through to Calais. Under EU rules the country where the immigrant first arrives in the EU is responsible for the immigrant. I cannot believe that all these immigrants first entered the EU at Calais.
27th Oct 2015 17:26:14
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There is a video on YouTube now that is a real eye opener it shows the behaviour of young men who are fleeing their countries.!!!!!. Their aggression towards those trying to help them is despicable. Hospitals are having problems because certain religions will not have female nurses or doctors treating them . Why if they love their country & religion are they leaving it and not fighting for it yet they will make a stand when they arrive in another country.
15th Sep 2015 02:06:22 (Last activity: 18th Sep 2015 09:56:37)
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I fear that the influx of Muslims will destabilise our Christian society. The large numbers that Germany took in are unrealistic and are now concerned about the feasibility of housing and taking care of them, a bit too late! I feel the Media is worsening the situation by showing countless emotional pictures of children! My last point is he amount of rubbish left after their passage wherever they go!
Response from Nebka made on 17th Sep 2015 08:39:26
Fully agree with you
Response from Cessie made on 18th Sep 2015 09:56:37
A friend & I are really add odds over this problem she has with others been collecting clothes ect then they went over to Calais where to her shock they were insulted by the migrants who burnt most of the clothes & screamed at them we do not want your clothes we want to live in your country.
Need I say she is not returning she admitted for a while they feared for their lives. And now agrees we do not know what agenda some of these people have.
17th Aug 2015 19:20:01 (Last activity: 25th Aug 2015 16:30:27)
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What people have to remember Britain is an island, which limits our resources on this basis alone we need to protect our borders. Can you imagine the strain on the country, if we left thousands of these people enter which is what the EU would like us to do. Especially France as it moves them out of their country. It's not that I'm heartless and I do feel sorry for these people but at the end of the day I want my country for my children and my grandchildren if you look at the state of Britain today our services are being cut to the bone and can't cope with the people that live here now. It's time the government stopped sucking up to the EU Parliament and get us out as quick as possible.
Response from Wilf made on 25th Aug 2015 10:52:24
Think it would be a mistake to get out of the EU but I do think some of the laws in it are bonkers like the right for any migrants to claim asylum
Response from Amateureye made on 25th Aug 2015 16:30:27
When the government was selling the common market i.e. the EU to us, it was supposed to help businesses do business throughout Europe which I have no problem with at all. It was supposed to make travelling easier throughout Europe. It was not supposed to try and take over the complete running of all the countries it now interferes with our laws, taxes and is now affecting the lives of British citizens. Our government told us we were free to come and go through Europe, as soon as they realised that people were taken advantage of duty-free drinks and cigarettes and their realised this would affect the revenue coming to them, they immediately stamp down on it and put restrictions back in place. So basically we free to come and go so long as it doesn't affect the revenue. The problem we have now with the EU it has grown out of all proportion if you look at the amount of people come trying to get into Britain who aren't even members of the EU it's frightening. David Cameron says he is going to renegotiate our membership how? Look at the chaos in Greece their people actually voted no and their politicians went against their word and carried on with the EU backing, now they've all had to resign. Did the EU Parliament respect the democratic decision of the people of Greece the answer was no. Whether the Greek people were right or wrong they still should have had the democratic right to choose the path they wanted to follow and now it will take decades for them to recover if there even can? A few days after the first payment the EU published a paper saying the chances are they'd end up having to write the debt off in any case. That is why personally I think the only path Britain should take is to leave the EU, because I think if this monster is left to grow we will eventually see the death of democracy.
14th Aug 2015 16:35:26
Thanks for voting!
This problem can only be solved by us leaving the EU as soon as possible!
The fact these people are given benefits and rooves over their heads is due to an edict from Brussels which says these people must receive the same rights and privileges as those received by citizens of the country they end up in!!
The most devastating facts remain that our own people are treated as second rate against these migrants!

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