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1st Dec 2017 11:11:18
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I remember it well.
18th Jan 2017 14:51:24
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Something I started a while ago now but it might strike a chord with some of you ....

Passport to Adventure - Part 1
There was much pushing and shoving in the excited queue of youngsters, most of it good-natured, borne of pent up anticipation of the fun to come. Sally was being pestered by snotty Steve who knew her from school and was jabbering on, pausing only to wipe the perpetual drip from his nose on his sleeve.

"How much you got? I got two bob, cos I walked here and I helped Dad clean the windows yesterday." He proudly thrust an assortment of coins in his reluctant companion's face.

"There's only one and nine there." Sally advised after habitually totting up the stash of cash. "I've got half-a-crown." She showed him two shiny shillings, a threepence and three pennies. "See. I helped MY Dad saw through some wood AND cleared out the guttering." Her pride at earning some money through such brave deeds was obvious.

Steve was rummaging through his various pockets, searching in vain for his lost thrupenny piece. Drips from his perennially runny nose splattered on his clothes and the ground unchecked. "Ah! I wonder if … yeah - there it is!" He pulled a grubby bag of sweets from his secret hiding place, inside the actual lining of the tatty gabardine raincoat that he wore rain or shine. "D'ja want one?" He asked somewhat reluctantly.

Sally peered into the bag curiously. "No thanks. I don't like clove sweets." She smiled. "And I wouldn't want to take your last humbug. I know they're your favourite." It was almost the truth; she didn't like the stripy red boiled sweets, and the humbug was sticky and covered in fluff. And, she suspected, half sucked. Especially as it was the sweet that the threepence piece had attached itself to.

"Okay." He grinned, then put the humbug, coin and all, into his mouth. "There!" The coin had been released from its captor, and its proud owner carefully put it with the others. "You got any sweeties?" He asked, eyeing the podgy girl hopefully. "Those toffees were nice you had the other day-"
"Sorry, they're all gone." She smiled at the tasty memory. "My aunty brought them back all the way from Devon for Gran, and she let me have some to try."

"Oh pity." A hefty shove from behind sent Steve sprawling. "Oi! Pack it in you- " He spun round indignantly. His face drained; Basher Bruce was the guilty thug. "Oh sorry."

"Get a move on drippy." The big Ozzie bruiser pushed him again. "The lines moving - look!"

Sally had already shuffled ahead, anxious not to be stuck with sniffy Steve, and to avoid a brawl with the Australian monster behind them. Rumour was that his parents were both killers thrown out of the past penal colony because they were so evil. Bruce denied it, said they had returned to find their old family, even tried to persuade everyone that his father was a policeman. No one believed him, of course; he was such a liar about everything. Charming to the girls and a bully to the boys. His eyes were too close together too and his eyebrows met in the middle so he must be a crook. What really scared everyone were his pets. He kept lizards and snakes. Sometimes he had one in his pocket. This recollection made Sally squeeze through a gap in the bodies ahead to put as much distance between herself and him - just in case!

"Ow!" A blonde head exclaimed. "Watch out Sally!"

"Oh, sorry Mary." Sally smiled apologetically. "Just trying to get away from Bruce and Steve."

"Get across here then." Mary glanced back anxiously. "We don't want to be stuck with either of them, do we?"

Sally wriggled next to the pretty pony-tailed blonde girl. "No." She smiled gratefully. "You going up or down?"

"Up. Not so noisy."

"Yes, and cleaner." Sally liked the more expensive seats too.

"You got enough this week?" Mary knew that Sally did not usually have as much cash as she did; her parents did not believe in pocket money and the plump girl had to earn her pennies. "I could lend you some…."

"Thanks but I have plenty." Sally showed her hard earned cash. "I've been helping my Dad."

By now the creeping crocodile of children had moved forward so much that the two girls were finally at the ticket office.

"Circle please." Mary dutifully paid a sixpence and a thrupence.

"Me too." Sally handed over a shilling. The lady in the office grunted irritably as she counted out three pennies in change.

"Now or interval?" Mary asked glancing longingly at the hot dog and drinks stand.

"Interval!" Sally was keen to get to the seats.

"Yes, better then." Her companion agreed.

The two girls scampered up the thickly carpeted stairs two at a time. A terrified usher was pinned against the door jamming it open as the hordes of excited children pushed past.

The usual scramble for the treasured front seats was apparent. Sally and Mary avoided the frenetic scuffles and settled for two aisle seats halfway up. Sitting on their carefully folded coats for extra height, they waited somewhat impatiently for Saturday Morning Picture Club to start.

To be continued ... maybe!

© Christine L. Coles - October 2001
Response from Yodama made on 18th Jan 2017 16:52:29
Really lovely glimpse into the past, enjoyed that story ceeceeuk. brings back memories, sounds like my sister and I.
You have a real talent.
daisy duke
16th Nov 2016 20:45:37
Thanks for voting!
the girl walking up and down shining the torch in your face LittleMinx was probably me if you went to the Odeon Notting Hill Gate in the early 60's ha ha , i also used to be the ice cream girl and still have a photo to prove it ..Saturdays used to be late night movie night and we got paid overtime and a paid taxi home ,they used to show Boris Karloff and other such films .. the Police stood at the back with dogs and in the interval the black boys were on one side and the bovver boys on the other side all shouting insults to each other there was always fights breaking out ,i was selling the ice cream and nuts ,i had to keep my eyes on everything as they tried to steal the nuts and whatever got stolen i had to pay it back out of my wages , i also used to sell hot dogs in the foyer ... this was my evening job as i worked in Knightsbridge during the day as a Telephonist at a posh garage where Roger Moore used to bring his car for repairs ... good memories ..
Response from jeanymay made on 16th Nov 2016 21:14:40
Very cute little face Daisy
Response from daisy duke made on 16th Nov 2016 21:17:45
thank you Jeany i wore glasses till i was 10 due to german measles sending me cross eyed
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 21:19:47
Oh great Daisy, a real usherette, sorry you had such bother with the yobbos there. Here in hampshire we were very orderly and polite, we did have Teddy Boys roaming around though, with the big shoulder pads, velvet collars and DA hairdo's. Constantly combing their hair, more vain than the women.
They had bicycle chains and chivs, but what lovely memories. I forgot about the nuts, they were little packets KP? and cost thruppence if I remember, maybe you can put me straight.
The Odeon here is now a bingo hall, sad to see that.
What did you think of the 1/9 walkback, cheeky eh?
Yes your'e right, warm glow memories.
Do you have any suggestions for tomtwodogs regarding yor torch???
Response from jeanymay made on 16th Nov 2016 21:34:34
I'm sure you hated them at the time, but you must be delighted they corrected the problem. I worked has an optical assistant for about 10 years.
Response from daisy duke made on 16th Nov 2016 21:40:38
Minxy , my Odeon is now a block of flats but we did have fun ,us usherettes had a fan following. so we were always being given boxes of chocs and asked out on dates, we were all married though but it didn't stop them ..i even had a song written for me .. in those days it was all female staff, in later years whenever i went to the pictures anywhere the males had taken over the ushering .. did you have double seats for the young lovers .. ? better not tell Tom what to do with the torch as don't want to get banned ..
Response from daisy duke made on 16th Nov 2016 21:46:59
that must have been an interesting job Jeany, obviously you are not squeemish about eyes ,i dont know how i ever plucked up the courage to have my cataract done tell the truth ,but yes i have always had good eye sight till i started with the cataracts ...its the pits getting old
Response from jeanymay made on 16th Nov 2016 21:47:06
Ha ha nice one daisy ! Poor Tom how does he put up with us ladies
Response from jeanymay made on 16th Nov 2016 21:52:19
Goodnight ladies and sweet dreams
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 21:54:04
Oh yes! The double seats on the back row. The only warm comfortable place to canoodle. I went to the movies/pi tures a couple of days ago, there were only three people there. They are runnung at a loss.
In our day, it was packed. Awwww. really sweet, a celebrity song, you can write the lyrics for us. Boys used to give chocolates all the time in those days, don't seem to now. Although the new Milk Tray Ads may pfompt a few.
Those were really sweet days.
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 22:03:40
Forgot to ask you daisy, did you ever talk to Roger Moore?
Response from daisy duke made on 16th Nov 2016 23:29:48
no not that i know of Minxy although we were taking bookings all the time ..loads of celebs used to announce themselves like Lionel Bart and Frazer Hines ..spoke to loads of stars though when i worked at The Dorchester and the Gloucester a few Autographs like Mohammed Ali and Ringo Starr ,Michael Douglas and best of all Liberace , when i worked at Claridges i put a call through to the Queen from King of Denmark or somewhere , he called her Lilibet .. yes i did listen in ..ha ha ..only for a minute though .. lol
16th Nov 2016 16:50:04
Thanks for voting!
Not seen this post before and it brought a smile to my face...happy days. Not sure the 1 bath (shared) a week was very hygienic but it did us no harm,and I do remember thick ice on the inside of Windows and my sister showing me the art of dressing in bed.
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 21:26:34
Can't believe we survived the cold indoors, I remember dressing in bed, tdying to keep warm. Slept top to toe with my sister to keep warm. Tough breed.
Response from jeanymay made on 16th Nov 2016 21:31:19
Yes. But I've become soft in my old age and have the heating on without hesitation. Our house was quite big with high ceilings when we were kids. It was warm if you sat near the coal fire but freezing at the back of the room. We thought it a luxury when we eventually had gas fires fitted
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 22:00:36
Goodnight jeanmay, sleep well:-)
16th Nov 2016 15:16:23
Thanks for voting!
Going to the pictures on Saturday, if you were broke you would buy a ticket for 1/9p the seats at the very front. During the interval, before the main film started, on the pretext of going to the toilets. a quick run up to the posh seats, 2/9p balcony, this was called the 1/9p walkback. Keeping a lookout for the beady eyed usherette with her torch, constantly scanning for miscreants.
During the film a girl would walk up and down the aisle with a tray around her neck with ice creams (Lyons choc bars), sweets, chocolates, cigarettes and Barretts fake cigarettes which I used to like.
Seemed the ladylike thing to do to pretend to smoke.
There were usually two films shown, the second was the main film. Pathe news showed us what was going on in the world.
At the end of the film everyone had to stand to attention as the National Anthem was played, if you attempted to sneak out, there would be glares from the older generation.
Much more relaxed at the movies now, a lot more expensive too, and only one film. Bit of a rip off.
Response from Tomtwodogs made on 16th Nov 2016 17:17:46
Aaw I remember those flicks, the Saturday Matinee, with the Cisco Kid and Pancho, Pearle & Dean who used to do the adverts in between , funny we didn't mind them in those days and yes the ice cream lady, when there was a stampede and a huge queue.. aaw our lady usherette was sadly dismissed when she accidently sat on her torch and showed herself the circle.! .... happy days indeed,!
Response from jeanymay made on 16th Nov 2016 17:29:15
Ha ha Tom you get worse !
Response from Tomtwodogs made on 16th Nov 2016 17:32:58
Evening Kidda, another day done here just half watching the Chase, while waiting for my tea to cook. I hope you have had a nice day, I haven't really read back yet.x
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 17:46:17
They call him the wanderer, yes the wanderer, he wanders round and round and round and round and round..............what are you having for tea?
Those were lovely days, I was thrilled with the Superman series, can't remember his name, he was always getting shot in the chest and the bullets flew off in all directions, yet, he kept coming.How was Hull, not too bad down in the south, just had some rain though.
Terrible shame about your usherette, do you think she was delighted when they took her to a proctologist for a procedure?
Response from jeanymay made on 16th Nov 2016 17:47:17
I like the Chase Bradley is nearly as funny as you.
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 17:53:47
I like the chase and eggheads and only connect. Curious is my second name.
Response from Tomtwodogs made on 16th Nov 2016 18:00:20
Hull was ok,Minksy although I got plastered in mud again (another building site ) ,... the wanderer eh, you are right where pretty girls are ,then you know that I,m around. and all those profile pics you lot have put on confirms it ( winks) ,.as for the Usherettes procedure, if she had swallowed a glass eye, she would now have the value of hindsight !

Hi Jeanymay did you ever see Bradley Corpse on that episode about a German womans Name, the faces he pulled to try and not laff ha ha

If you haven't seen it get your hankie out now ! lol
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 18:08:30
Yes Bradley lost it, for a while. Did you see a Dutch tv interviewer who could'nt stop laughing when a man accidentally has a hospital "mistake" leave you to see it.
Response from Tomtwodogs made on 16th Nov 2016 18:13:35
Oh I just watched it thanks.. I see he got the sack for it too.! it is funny... but also tragic !
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 18:23:19
Fawlty Towers is the only programme that made me cry with laughter, it was "The gourmet evening".
Response from Tomtwodogs made on 16th Nov 2016 18:30:15
Lol wa that the one with Basil bashing his car with a branch,? i liked them all. Don't Mention the war , i did twice, but i think i got away with it lol oh and when Manuel called his pet rat...Basil lol
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 18:37:48
I was wondering if the hotel you stay in in Torquay has any connections?. The TV series was based on an actual person like Basil, and an actual hotel like Fawlty Towers.
Now that you have mentioned food, I feel hungry so going to mange a bit.
Response from Tomtwodogs made on 16th Nov 2016 18:45:15
Ok me too..well ,...wash up and make a cuppa There was a hotel opened in Torquay named Fawlty Towers AFTER the t.v.series but gone now. i stay in either The Grand, The Grosvenor. ( owned by the Grand ) or the Cavendish Hotel. usually as they do a good xmas food. and entertainment,... and all have warm indoor swimming pools !
Response from Yodama made on 16th Nov 2016 18:47:58
Shame, I would have liked the experience of staying in a crazy place.
Chicken Schnitzel with baked potato and green beans that is what I am having.
Response from Tomtwodogs made on 16th Nov 2016 18:51:27
Oh Schnitzel does it for me, i lived on them in Germany. or Gulash soup when it was cold., ok i better go do something now.,, enjoy ihre essen ! x
30th Aug 2016 22:41:58
Thanks for voting!
Surprised nobody has mentioned having a tin bath in front of the coal fire.

No kitchen but a scullery instead and an outhouse where all the laundry was done. Oh the lovely smell of boiling whites 🙂

Toilet at the bottom of the garden, next to the Anderson shelter, which you didn't use at night and substituted the pot under the bed. Makes me cringe now haha.

Blankets on the beds with the eider down quilt on top instead of duvets.

Doctor's surgery where he lived 'over the shop' and you all went in and waited patiently until it was your turn. He would come out and take you to hospital in his car from your home if you were seriously ill too.

The winter of 63 and walking to school in waist deep snow for weeks on end..brrr. Today they would all be closed.

Coal fires in school and huddling round them trying to warm up.

Walking down the road and being surprised if you saw a car.

I could go on forever........hard but happy times 🙂
Response from Wilf made on 30th Aug 2016 23:38:40
having a bath once a week...delivering papers when I was 10 years old and in the freezing winter. Getting £1 per week for 6 days on my paper-round and then spending 10p on Old Jamaica Rum Chocolate bar on a Saturday. Hot summer of 1976 and my first holiday away in Spain in Barcelona. Remember people smoking on aeroplanes and the tube. Cannot believe that now! Only 3 TV channels. One cartoon a week at about 5.30 on Saturday and that was Tom & Jerry. No car, No Phone and only a black and white TV. White bread, no fruit apart from blackberries in the autumn. Great times!
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 2nd Sep 2016 18:32:42
What lovely memories Treehugger1 🙂 Hopefully you have just got an email from me too?? 🙂 Sally 🙂
Response from Yodama made on 14th Oct 2016 21:53:49
Treehugger1 said:
Surprised nobody has mentioned having a tin bath in front of the coal fire, I could not resist.

You 'ad a tin bath? you were lucky, we 'ad t' walk five miles t' break ice in t' lake then we 'ad to run 'ome so t' wind dried us off.

I just made that up, it's not from the sketch, I was reading TreeHuggers list and couldn't resist, all said in good humour.
Please keep this going - your lucky!
Response from KEITH_WL made on 16th Oct 2016 13:44:41
I can tick most of the 'boxes' in TreeHugger1's list and add at least one. I was born in a small town twenty-odd miles from Shrewsbury and had never had an ice cream until the war ended when I was aged five. Then and for some years afterwards Sidoli's van would come round on a Saturday morning. Ice creams were first sold in the own only some time in the 1950s.

16th Dec 2013 22:40:36
Thanks for voting!
how many other items could be added to the list I wonder
here a few more lol
1) a ten bob note = 50p
2) you use to get 240 pennies to the pound now you 100 ???
3) how about Mr whippy ice cream mmm soft and smooth
4) with Esso petrol you'd put a tiger in your tank (and they gave you a free tiger tail to fix to the Ariel of your car or bike lol)
5) the only " Spam" you got came in a blue and yellow tin and was an acquired taste !!
6) Mackerson's " Milk Stout", Harp larger, Cherry B, Eggnog, and Harvey's Bristol Cream !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
7) the man from the A.A. would salute you as you drove past so long as you had the badge on your car,
8) "Spangles"
9) "OMO" and no I don't mean old man out !!!!!!!!!!! I mean the washing powder ?
10) Dandy, Beano, topper, wizzer "n" chips, Mandy, Judy, Jackie? Eagle, and can you remember any more !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂
Response from munga43 made on 1st Oct 2015 00:27:39
Does anyone remember the advertisement for "The Esso blee dooler". Should have been The Esso blue dealer. Also, what about the smurfs.
Response from Alan247 made on 31st Aug 2016 11:46:42
And the joke....what has got 4 bums and keeps you warm?....bum bum bum bum Esso Blue, no I've never heard that joke either

Don't forget the Tonibell ice cream van that used to come around, or the Walls small vanilla block of ice cream that you put in a glass of R Whites cream soda
30th Jul 2016 21:12:27
Thanks for voting!
I can see that I am a late comer to this topic, and am surprised that no one seems to have mentioned:-

Dick Barton Special Agent
The Goon Show
Take it from here
Billy Cotton Band Show.

Or am I the only radio fanatic left?

Remember when soaps were things you washed with?
Response from Alan247 made on 31st Aug 2016 10:13:21
The Navy Lark
Educating Archie
Take it from here
Call my Bluff
yet I can't remember what we ate for dinner last night
31st Aug 2016 10:10:13
Thanks for voting!
I remember the man coming around in the evening to light the street lights, the kids would follow him from one lamp post to the next. Some kids would mimic him lighting the lamp, others would just watch. When he moved to the next lamp, if you passed where you lived, is was an unwritten rule, that was your time to go home. I'd go in, the radio would be playing The Archers, my parents snoring in their armchairs, quick drink of water and off to bed before they woke up. Next morning we'd hear the man who came around to turn the lamps off, he'd bang his long pole against the window to wake people up, think he got paid a penny a week for that
31st Aug 2016 10:00:19
Thanks for voting!
Ahhh yes the good old days haha
21st Oct 2015 03:51:53
Thanks for voting!
I remember Dad trying to tune-in the tv, and having to move around the room to get a picture to appear, while twisting & turning an aerial in his hand. One evening he got fed up, stood on the sofa & held the aerial up towards the picture-rail, pointing it at the wood. Mum straightaway shouted Yes, we've got a picture, you'll have to stay there all night, tonight, with a twinkle in her eye! Those were days of simple pleasures & family humour.
28th Sep 2015 13:12:53
Thanks for voting!
I had to smile at the price of your marriage licence. As I had been 'wild' and was pregnant, I had to marry by special licence. It cost 2 pounds 50 and my husband has always said that he hasn't had his moneys worth yet, even though we were married for 54 years. He passed away two months ago and I can't help wondering if he did get his money's worth. I miss him very much.
Response from LenaP made on 30th Sep 2015 23:37:13
Hi I'm sure he got more than his money's worth! sorry for your loss. I know what its like I've been widowed for 20 years. It gets better but I still miss him.
Response from munga43 made on 1st Oct 2015 00:21:03
Lena, thank you so very much for your reply and your message of sympathy. To me, it feels like the end of the world right now. We were very close and so I find myself with not too many friends to talk to. I was reading the Silversurfers topics and had to smile at most of them, I remembered them so well. I am in Australia now and have been for 45 years although originally from Liverpool, UK. I know all about ice on the insides of windows and toilets down the backyard. I even remember socks which could stand up by themselves as they were frozen solid. I sometimes write short stories and was thinking about putting them onto the Silversurfers but I am having a horrible time getting back to here, so I don't know if I can find the topic again. Will certainly keep looking, though. Many thanks again, Mary.
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 2nd Oct 2015 08:00:58
Hello Munga43 and a very warm welcome to Silversurfers-we are a friendly community and I hope you find many new friends here. has our new Forums which you have just joined with lots of active members. To get back to the “memories” section on forums just put memories in the search box on this page .
I really hope you enjoy belonging to Silversurfers and please tell all your friends about us!
13th Sep 2015 09:46:23
Thanks for voting!
We are looking to do a blog MEMORIES from Bevs child hood of time spent in Spain would any one like this
12th Sep 2015 18:15:32
Thanks for voting!
I remember;
a) Having to be absolutely still in case the cats whisker moved and you lost the station.
b) Petrol at 1s & 9p per gallon, before self service petrol came in.
c) Milk came in churns and was ladled out.
d) The purple band around the edge of newspapers when King George the V died.
e) When we were children playing in the forest with other children we would call in the nearest cottage for a drink and we were welcomed.
f) Our dogs ran free and looked after us.
g) Reading our comics by the light of the search lights.
h) No street lights.
1st Nov 2014 15:51:32
Thanks for voting!
A few I can also remember:
Jubblies - frozen triangular orange drinks
Threepenny pieces
Iodine on grazes
Oxtails - however many times I cook them, I cannot make them like my Nanna used to
Monday night was cold meat from the Sunday roast (gave Mum time to do the washing)
Response from Hawke008 made on 14th Aug 2015 19:52:28
Hi Robbinn,

silver thrupenny pieces, oxtails - slow cooked in a stew pot on the top of a Raeburn for up to 2 days, the meat just melted and the gravy - divine. I can just about get the same result using a slow cooker!
1960 - my first car, a 1933 ford 8 that was bought by me and 3 friends for £7.10s. Petrol - 4 gallons with change from a 10 shilling note.
The late 40', 50's and early 60's such a great period!!
14th Aug 2015 17:01:06
Thanks for voting!
How about the Hotspur, Victor, Rover, Lion and Tiger
20th Apr 2015 22:18:47
Thanks for voting!
Hi Margie, thanks for your message.
I have just got back from a visit to Coventry. I loved the cathedral and although I am not religious I found it a very moving experience.
Also enjoyed looking around the city and particularly visiting the art/local history gallery. Very friendly people and great to have good weather so I could just wander about.
30th Mar 2015 21:49:28
Thanks for voting!
The sweet shop museum sounds a great idea. I love a good museum. Last one I visited was the Polar Museum at The Scott Polar Research Institute in Cambridge.
At the end of April I am booked on a coach trip to Bletchley Park
19th Mar 2015 16:16:40
Thanks for voting!
Used to leave Brownies on a Friday night and get " 6d of chips" at the stall in Exmouth Market in Finsbury. If extra hungry and well off could go for cockles on top!
19th Mar 2015 11:29:52
Thanks for voting!
I can remember a portion of chips cost 6d (2.1/2 p) If you were greedy you went for a shillings worth (5p) and not always being able to eat them all.
Going shopping with mum. First the butchers for the Sunday roast. Then the greengrocers for the veg. The bakers for the bread. No supermarkets then.
An advertising hoarding, promoting 'Esso Golden. The petrol of 1975, here today.'
My first car cost me £20.00 (A Rover 10)
My very first long play vinyl record. 'The Shadows' Mono only, costing 35/- (£1.75)
Street lights were gas powered and went off at about 10:30-11:00pm
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