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Who would like to discuss television programmes or series?

Do you think it a good idea to start a new category to discuss tv programmes perhaps with subsections for soaps, dramas, music, films etc. if there is sufficient support and interest. One of my favourites is Downton Abbey, be good to share your views on this suggestion

Created By on 16/01/2016

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17th Jan 2016 16:29:34
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I have always loved television but gave up on soaps years ago.I watch documentaries and a few dramas especially if there is an actor I like.I enjoyed most of Downton but was disappointed with the last episode as it all seemed very contrived to tie up all ends.If I manage to answer one question on Univercity Challenge it makes my day
16th Apr 2020 01:26:37
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I'm interested( as a US poster) opinions on how much you liked or disliked the following programs , which have more recently been shown in the US but are most likely several years old to you UK viewers: The British Baking Show ( I believe this is still ongoing though we are about a season behind here ), Poldark, Call the Midwife, Doc Martin, Last Tango in Halifax, Victoria, Sanditon,Endeavor. These have been shown on US television on the public broadcast system, most as part of the Masterpiece series. Of course. Downton Abbey too, but I'm more interested in opinions on the others. Or any that you would recommend. My husband and I have watched some of these. But always looking for something new and different. We think the programs produced in the UK, especially historical, are done far better than what we have here. The British Baking Show we just like because it's fun. Though we aren't too fond of the comedians that have been on the latest episodes. Thanks for any input !
12th Apr 2019 08:14:49
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Delighted to see that the incredibly popular comedy series BREXIT has been given an extended run !
19th Jan 2019 07:44:33
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i watch Martin Lawren on BET network
18th Apr 2018 20:34:42
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Marcella was fascinating but very dark ,I did enjoy it though,it got the old grey matter working.
12th Apr 2017 22:02:16 (Last activity: 20th Apr 2017 14:38:45)
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Is anyone watching Line Of Duty? I don't watch much TV these days but caught the first episode of this and i'm hooked. It's real edge of the seat stuff and can't wait til the next episode. Completely unpredictable!
Response from Wilf made on 13th Apr 2017 13:31:47
We are watching it and think its one of the best TV shows in years. Amazing acting and the plot while a bit farfetched is brilliant as well. I agree edge of the seat stuff and we wlook forward to it every week. We are recording for one of our daughters who is out of th UK until the summer as she will love it as well!"
Response from Silversurfers Editor made on 20th Apr 2017 14:38:45
Yes I am watching it too! Saw the first series, somehow missed the second, saw the third and am gripped to the fourth one now! Going to look for the second series on Netflix to see what I missed. Who do you think is guilty of the murder of the forensic officer? Everything isn't always as it seems!
17th Apr 2017 08:32:29
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I think there have been some great programmes recently. I'm hooked on Line of Duty and Broadchurch. I thought The Replacement was brilliant as was Apple Tree Yard. As much as I enjoy watching American & Scandi programmes nothing can beat a good British drama
1st Aug 2016 08:54:40 (Last activity: 1st Aug 2016 10:36:18)
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I prefer to watch American and Nodic tv programs mostly,my favourites are.
The Last Ship
Ray Donovan
Murder in the First
Marco Polo
The Bridge
Response from Pam1960 made on 1st Aug 2016 10:36:18
I enjoyed most of the above. Looking forward to the next series of Fortitude to try and work out what is going on. Thought I had worked it out but the wasps threw me
14th May 2016 21:38:12 (Last activity: 1st Aug 2016 09:05:46)
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I am watching Marcella at the.moment which I am sort of enjoying. As with all Scandi thrillers there are so many twists and turns I am never 100% sure of what is happening til the end of the series except on the case of Fortitude where I still had no idea.
Response from MorrisandDoris made on 1st Aug 2016 09:05:46
I watched this program and quite enjoyed the story,but I just didn't like any of the characters portrayed in it,to me they were no good guys ,just people with bad attitudes so in the end I didn't really care who got killed.
1st Aug 2016 02:15:26
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yes good idea although i am in Eire for now i see all the soaps, and many uk showsl They have a huge amount of American shows. I have missed lots of coronation street and eastenders i never can remember what channel they are on.
17th May 2016 06:51:56
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Can't wait to watch the last of the Marcella series tonight. There are more red herrings in this than an Agatha Christie
15th May 2016 07:34:20 (Last activity: 16th May 2016 17:10:04)
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Friends normally comment on tv series that they watch but over the years I have moved away from the tv screen and become a computer surfer for downloading series. Normally I keep my ear's open in case there is a good new series coming along on the TV but mainly I either use Pirate Bay/Limetorrents to download series mainly from the US. I see NCIS got a mention I love that show but its hard to get into the spin offs NCIS LA for me is not the same and that southern drawl of the New Orleans NCIS really grinds on me. I like a lot of skyfy but also I have just finished watching everyone of the Midsomer Murders series on Putlocker which is a freebie but can be a pain in the rear end if you don't know what you are doing.
Response from Starburst made on 15th May 2016 17:08:06
I agree with you about the New Orleans drawl, it is so annoying, but I do like the LA one, lots of banter which you get with original DC one.
Response from Longfellow made on 16th May 2016 17:10:04
I was the same with CIS Miami I loved watching it but hated watching the spin offs. I think it all boiled down to the bikini clad women on the beech's really.. lol
In my Vuze library I have a list of US series that I watch they are in groups as one series ends another starts so I am never without things to watch. Between Limetorrent and Pirate Bay I can watch all the latest movies as well as new series that my daughter keeps passing onto me from her skyfy channel. It really all boils down to me being tight and not paying for anything like Netflix. Although now and again I take up their option of 30 days free trial and cancel on the 29th
Enjoy your viewing.
14th May 2016 15:13:08
Thanks for voting!
I loved Downton Abbey and was sad it ended. The period dramas are great to watch, like Dickins with stunning sets. Also love NCIS all the series and spin offs and mustn't forget The Musketeers.....waiting for the new series to start.
25th Mar 2016 17:43:45
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I enjoy documentaries. A lot of nature programmes and also enjoy University Challenge but get few right. I am also enjoying Night Manager on BBC1 and Indian Summer. Hate to say that I also enjoy 24 hours in A&E and One born every minute. Love Monty Dons gardening programmes but am getting a little fed up with all the cookery programmes. I certainly enjoyed Downton Abbey and Mr Selfridge and family are buried in a small church yard at Highcliffe which is not that far from me and I when visiting Highcliffe Castle (which the Selfridge family used) I took the time to cross the road to visit the church and see his grave and those of his family. I really enjoyed Blue Planet and anything which David Attenborough produces is always worth watching. An amazing man.
I apologize for my spelling. Never a good point.

I am not quite sure how I got onto this page (forum) but will hopefully be able to find my way back to it at some future date.
23rd Mar 2016 22:30:22
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I like series like NCIS, CSI (all 4 series) and Person of interest. And there's nothing that satisfies me more than a good come uppance for a particularly nasty bad guy!
19th Jan 2016 21:01:33 (Last activity: 25th Feb 2016 14:33:32)
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I watch Corrie and Eastenders more out of habit than the riveting storylines. Just sitting down to watch part 2 of Silent Witness which I enjoy more. Cant wait for the next series series if the Great Interior Design Challenge, I loved both the previous series, does anyone know when the next series starts? Did anyone watch Fortitude in Sky, I watched ever episode and still didn't know what was going on, maybe it will become clear in series 2
Response from Terrysoldgal made on 8th Feb 2016 18:01:49
I also enjoyed the Great Interior Design Challenge Series. The new series started last week and I thought Frankie was lovely. He came up with some good ideas, I wish I was as creative.
Response from Pam1960 made on 8th Feb 2016 18:46:24
I liked Frankie too, didn't like Holly's Scottie dog wallpaper not my taste at all but each to their own. Sitting down ready to watch tonight's epusode
Response from Terrysoldgal made on 11th Feb 2016 14:48:03
I've enjoyed the episodes so far this week. Not too sure about Rob getting voted off but it was a difficult choice.
Response from Pam1960 made on 11th Feb 2016 15:34:51
I thought Rob would go through to the next round. His Batman themed room was brilliant, my boys would have loved a room like that when they were younger. I thought the winner's artwork was a bit amateurish and some times the finish was a bit shoddy. Overall I am not as impressed as last year
Response from Terrysoldgal made on 25th Feb 2016 14:33:32
Hi I'm also disappointed with this year's series. I finished watching this weeks episodes and am not overly excited about the final four next week. The contestants don't seem to have the same talent as they did last year. Too bad they got rid of Rob he would have done better than the two yesterday. Still, the owners seemed happy.
12th Feb 2016 15:59:32 (Last activity: 12th Feb 2016 21:35:07)
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I'm watching Dickensian and have to say that it really is one of the most stunning series I've ever seen, visually and acting-wise. Not everyone's cup of tea as it puts together a mix of famous characters from Dickens novels. It's coming the its end soon. I've been drawn in to the characters. Asurexsign of brilliant writing.
Response from Pam1960 made on 12th Feb 2016 21:35:07
I'm recording the series so I can have a chill out weekend and watch them all one after another. I quite enjoy the box sets on Sky for that reason. As I get older I don't want to wait a week for the next episode, it's a bit like good book that you can't put down. I hope I enjoy the series as much as you have
Silversurfers Editor
16th Jan 2016 20:30:20 (Last activity: 18th Jan 2016 16:06:59)
Thanks for voting!
As you can see, we do have a section for TV programmes, so I have added your suggestion here. Hope you get lots of engagement from our community ... I know there are many, Downton fans so I will add a Downton category for you now 🙂
Response from chrisdal Original Poster made on 18th Jan 2016 16:06:59
Being rather slow navigating the site, I failed to see you already had a section for TV programmes, thanks for the replies and I will explore the various categories more thoroughly, enjoying the site so far, have not yet ventured in to any private chats, how are other new members finding their way around? Have you formed any friendships and found chat buddies ?
16th Jan 2016 20:39:42
Thanks for voting!
Nearly everyone I know around my age group has a hearing deficiency. Why cannot television companies have subtitles as a matter of course. So disappointing not to be able to follow the new channels.
Silversurfers Editor
16th Jan 2016 20:35:40
Thanks for voting!
Who feels sad that Downton has come to an end? Did the finale and Christmas special live up to your expectations?

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